Proving His Place

Hank Williams, Sr. and Hank Williams, Jr. Like father, like son? Well, yes and no. Hank, Sr. accomplished a lot in his short life. The “hillbilly Shakespeare” transformed country music. He wrote More»

Perfect Harmony

The year was 1969, when David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash performed at a pig farm in upstate New York. Maybe you’ve heard of that three-day ground-breaking, career-making music festival called More»

Shine On

Embrace the beginning of fall at the Harvest Moon Riverwalk Festival, Friday-Sunday, Sept. 21-23. Festive food, drinks and live entertainment outdoors on the Loading Dock Stage will be served up all weekend More»

Renovation Roundup

The recent grand opening of Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort’s beautiful new adults-only swimming pool signals the completion of yet another renovation project, but it’s never the end of making more improvements. The More»

Instrumental Innovator

The secret to any musical artist’s longevity is a commitment to creativity and experimentation that takes a man beyond hit records, out of his comfort zone, and into uncharted territory.
During the process of doubts and disappointment, highs and lows, something new and extraordinary emerges and the world is better for it. Peter Frampton is that artist — part genius, part musical mad scientist.

Summer Send-off

More than 100 years ago Congress established a federal holiday to celebrate the working class.
It came as a response to riots and marches by labor unions fighting for better working conditions and fair pay.
Now, the first Monday in September pays homage to the last days of summer — a time for families to share a long weekend together with road trips, barbecues and fun.

Labor Day Laughs

Experiencing comedy served up as a variety show at the Riverside Resort was simply an experiment four years ago. The powers that be often test the waters to see if a popular show in Vegas or elsewhere will do well in Laughlin. Some shows fare better than others. The once a year comedy festival held over Labor Day weekend is one of the successes.

Drippin’ Finesse

The glorious era of R&B was endangered by the passing of two of its patriarchs, Michael Jackson and Prince.
But a new king was born in Bruno Mars, who exploded on the scene with a fusion of R&B, funk and pop. All was right in the R&B kingdom.