Life-Changing Challenge

Overcoming obstacles on a foot-race course as a metaphor for facing what life throws at a person is what Spartan Race events are all about. If people can climb over rope walls, More»

Packing Punchlines

Comedian Bobby Collins doesn’t miss a thing in this crazy world. His unique perspective comes from years as an observer and an active participant. He tells it like it is and when More»

Memphis Marvels

Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Johnny Cash rewrote music history by daring to bring to light the genre-bending rock, rockabilly, blues, folk and gospel they’d grown up with, long before there More»

Wine a Little

The River Fund is hosting a wine tasting and charity auction to raise funds to provide emergency relief services to Tri-state area residents. The event will be in the Tropicana’s Pavilion Theater More»

Creepy Cars

A car show complete with a theme and extra events celebrates its 10th year when the “Haunt & Glow Car Show” returns to town and all area car clubs and car enthusiasts are invited to participate.
The event takes place Friday-Sunday, Oct. 26-28, in the North Parking Lot of the Tropicana Laughlin (behind In-N-Out Burger).

Spooky Season

Tis the season for all things spooky and scary, including those that are more than a Halloween prank. While fabricated haunted houses can be a real scream, Chloride Tour Company provides the opportunity to seek out spirits that may just be the real deal.

Rock On

Rock music lovers from the ’70s remember the first time they heard Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” on the popular rock variety show called “The Midnight Special.”
Every week the top artists and hot up-and-comers performed their hit songs. What set Queen above the rest — they introduced Americans to the first ever music video. Because of the innovative presentation and the exposure from the show, “Bohemian Rhapsody” became a huge hit — forever changing how music could be delivered and heard.

Fierce Females

The art of imitation is at the very core of the classic Las Vegas show. And just how good a person is at their craft determines their shelf life no matter what forms of entertainment are here today and gone tomorrow.
The art form of the female impersonator is one of those genres that isn’t to be taken lightly.