Casino Cookbook: El Burro Borracho

Many a cook tries their hand at duplicating foods they love in restaurants and specialty shops, telling themselves, “it can’t be that difficult.” Often times, they’re right. It can be done—and it’s More»

Tribute to the King

It’s been 40 years since Elvis Presley died (August 16, 1977) and millions of people still have the date circled in red on their calendars. People still remember and they still mourn. More»

Comedy on the Edge featuring Mark Lawrence

Every once in a while someone you least expect appears in the “Comedy on the Edge” lineup. This time the face is way more familiar than the name, someone who’s probably more More»

Billy Ray Cyrus

When Billy Ray Cyrus first exploded onto the country music scene, he was quickly labeled a “one-hit” wonder because one of his first hits seemed to overshadow everything and everybody else at More»

Laughlin Laugh Fest 2017

Laughlin Laugh Fest 2017

It only stands to reason that a town with “laugh” as part of its name wouldn’t go unnoticed in the world of comedy. We’ve been lucky in that department over the years when various casinos have brought some of the best comics in the business here on many occasions—some everyone has heard of, and some who should be more well-known than they are and just about every one of them different and worth a listen.
This coincidence wasn’t lost on Barry Neal, a veteran comic and comedy show promoter with Entertainmentmax who has produced the “Comedy on the Edge” shows at the Edgewater for the past several years.

Tracy Lawrence

Tracy Lawrence

Country music’s Tracy Lawrence has always been on of those artists who could spin carefully chosen, well-crafted songs into No. 1 hits. He sold 13 million albums, collected a slew of hit singles, with 22 songs making it to Billboard’s Top 10 charts. Add to that Country Music Association Awards and Academy of Country Music awards and a Grammy nomination.  It’s no wonder the guy has left an indelible mark and had the longevity he’s had despite Nashville’s penchant for fads rather than formidable hitmakers who knocked musical homeruns out of the park every time they came up to bat.

Alex Ramon: IMpossible

Alex Ramon IMpossible

Alex Ramon has a lot of experience and miles traveled under his belt for a young magician. While other teenagers were hanging with friends and planning trips to the mall, Ramon was perfecting his illusions while performing magic shows all over California.
His impressive credentials include traveling on a circus train with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, becoming the first magician and the second youngest ringmaster (at the age of 23) in their 139-year history.
Ramon also traveled the globe with the world’s most famous mouse with Disney Live! Mickey’s Magic Show for two and a half years, seeing four continents, 14 countries, performing 658 shows to more than a million people.

Kenny Rogers

Talk about the luck of the draw.
When Kenny Rogers announced in 2016 he was taking to the road one last time in a tour appropriately titled, “The Gambler’s Last Deal Final World Tour,” we thought he was making his last trip to Laughlin as part of it.
But as luck would have it, he’s playing one more musical hand here for one more game—once a gambler, always a gambler, and audiences get to see how it all plays out.