Proving His Place

Hank Williams, Sr. and Hank Williams, Jr. Like father, like son? Well, yes and no. Hank, Sr. accomplished a lot in his short life. The “hillbilly Shakespeare” transformed country music. He wrote More»

Perfect Harmony

The year was 1969, when David Crosby, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash performed at a pig farm in upstate New York. Maybe you’ve heard of that three-day ground-breaking, career-making music festival called More»

Shine On

Embrace the beginning of fall at the Harvest Moon Riverwalk Festival, Friday-Sunday, Sept. 21-23. Festive food, drinks and live entertainment outdoors on the Loading Dock Stage will be served up all weekend More»

Renovation Roundup

The recent grand opening of Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort’s beautiful new adults-only swimming pool signals the completion of yet another renovation project, but it’s never the end of making more improvements. The More»

Jumping with Joy

To celebrate Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort’s new adults-only pool, 17 Riverside executives, including chief operating officer Matt Laughlin, jumped into the pool in suits and ties to ensure the opening was a splash.
Construction took a little longer than planned, but the result, unveiled Friday, Aug. 31., was well worth the wait.

Fated for Fame

Taking things slow and easy isn’t really Taylor Hicks’ style. The multi-talented performer always seems to be in a hurry, ready for the next challenge, making plans for what’s next on the agenda.
“While there’s a lot to be said for being in the right place at the right time and opportunity is part luck, I believe you create your own luck,” he said in a previous interview with the Entertainer. “The only way to make it happen is to actually get up and go to that place you need to be.”

Laughing at Life

Comedian Gabriel Iglesias tells a joke about being stopped for speeding while traveling to Arizona for a gig with a group of his comic friends. They made the cop laugh, got out of the ticket and were about to drive away when one of his friends in the backseat asked, “so does that mean I get to keep my weed?”
People often ask him if the story is true and if the friend is real. Yes, the story is true and the friend is none other than Felipe Esparza.

Combining Characters

Several years ago, two tribute artists put their collective heads together wondering “what if Barbra Streisand and Frank Sinatra were to perform together?”
Why couldn’t their obvious differences prove to be a natural fit? Different personalities, different approaches to songs, huge egos that matched their huge catalogues of individually recorded hits, creating an explosive chemistry?
Sharon Owens as Streisand and Sebastian Anzaldo as Sinatra have proven that had the duo performed together, it would have been one hell of a show.