Neon Nights

Black lights, upbeat music, party favors and a good time is on the agenda every Saturday at the Tropicana during the late bingo session — Neon Nights.
This is a special 11 p.m. session on Saturdays only, now through the end of August. The lively crowd who wants to make a little noise and socialize while the bingo numbers fall is welcome at this session. It is entirely electronic — no paper cards — so your bingo board will keep up on your cards while you enjoy the music, friends and a couple of drinks.
“It’s a lot of fun because you don’t really have to pay that much attention, your electronic board will tell you when you win,” Bingo Room Manager Marie Myers said. “There’s a lot of socializing going on.”
The room is lit with black lights and additional disco and laser lights pan around the walls and tables. Guests are encouraged to get in the spirit and wear white or neon colors.
Caesars Rewards members will receive a light-up party favor with the purchase of their bingo pack, which could be a blinking whistle, clacker hands, or a light-up foam tube.
The minimum buy-in for Neon Nights is a $14 pack, which includes 12 cards and the electronic board fee. Additional packs are $6 each.
Ten games are played during this one-hour session, including a last man standing round. At the beginning of this round everyone will stand up and once a number has been called that is on your card you must sit down. The last person standing, who has not had any number on their card called, wins the round.
The winner earns a turn in the cash cube, which is a see-through tube the player enters and fake money will blow up around them. For 15 seconds, they try to grab as much of the paper money they can and stuff it into a bag. However much they grab they will receive in free play. To play the last man standing round, a Caesars Rewards card is required as the prize is free play that will be loaded onto your players card.
Guests are welcome to bring food and drinks into the bingo room and cocktail service will make one round through the room during the session. There is a complimentary self-service beverage station in the room with soft drinks.
Tropicana has now won Best Bingo Room in the Mohave Daily News Best Of readers’ poll for six consecutive years, and it’s clear why players love it. Along with the Neon Nights session, they offer several other fun promotions throughout the year. Two that just began this month are Generation Fun and Christmas in July.
“We have the Generation Fun, which is for our 65 and older crowd,” Myers said. “We have one game in our 11 a.m., 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. Thursday sessions called 6/5. It’s basically a block of six or a triangle of six and a combination of five. The winner of that game will get $65 in free slot play if they’re a single winner and a Caesars Rewards Generation Fun member. If there’s multiple winners, they each get $20 in free slot play.”
On the alternating hours of Thursday sessions in July, there will be a drawing for the Christmas in July gift giveaway.
“There will be four sessions, 9 a.m., 1 p.m., 5 p.m. and 9 p.m., where they’re eligible for a prize,” Myers said. “We have a random draw so everybody that plays that session is automatically entered in the drawing. We draw one winner and they’ll get to pick an envelope for the prize.”
The “Beachcomber” is a fun promotion for Caesars Rewards members. The first person to bingo in a session (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday only) becomes the Beachcomber. If they win again during the session, every Caesars Rewards member playing will win free slot play. It is free to sign up for the players card, which will bring several extra opportunities for perks such as this.
Another year-round promotion for active Caesars Rewards members is the Lava Ball.
“On Tuesdays and Wednesdays we have the Lava Ball, which is a bonus they can get just for having a players card and buying the power ball for that session,” Myers said. “If they bingo on that number, they win $1,000.”
They also have a Super Spin game, which is an additional buy-in. For just $1, players have a chance at winning $50,000. It is a coverall pattern, meaning to win you must cover all 25 spaces in your card. If you hit the winning combination in 32 numbers or less out of the hopper, you will spin a digital wheel that has a $50,000 space. After 32 numbers have been called, there are different tiers for consolation prizes.
The Super Spin is also a “multi-win” game. This means that two or more people could hit the coverall and they would each win the $50,000 if they hit in under 32 numbers and the spin landed on that space. If more than one person hits at the same time, a member of management spins the wheel, and all winners win that prize.
There is a minimum of 38 numbers called during the Super Spin. This means that there is the possibility of numerous winners hitting from numbers 25-38. If someone hits at number 32 and wins the $50,000, play continues and someone else may hit at number 33-38 and have a chance at winning the consolation prizes. Play will stop at number 38 if there has been a winner.
There is a Tropical Coverall at the 9 a.m., 11 a.m., 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. sessions daily, which offers a possible top prize of $5,000 if hit in 52 numbers or less, and tiers down to a consolation prize of $150.
The Tropicana offers seven bingo sessions daily, on the odd hours running from 9 a.m.-9 p.m. No two consecutive sessions will be alike. That means there will be different patterns and payouts depending on which sessions you attend. This keeps the game interesting for players, as they could stay for three consecutive sessions, that would all play differently.
There are minimum and maximum buy-ins for each session. Therefore, no one can “buy out” an entire session. The lowest minimum buy-in is a $5 pack. They also offer $7 and $10 packs. The payouts if you hit a bingo will depend on which pack you purchased. For example, on a regular pay pattern a bingo on the $5 pack would pay $75, the $7 pack would pay $100, and the $10 pack would pay $150.
Caesars Rewards members also receive a promo pack for free when they purchase a pack, which would pay $50 on a regular-pay pattern.
For more information on Trop Bingo sessions and promotions, call the bingo room at 702-298-4200 ext. 6604.