Summer Refresh

The desert life can be rough on skin and finding a regimen to renew moisture can be a challenge. Luckily, a local spa offers a variety of body treatments to replenish the skin with the nutrients that dry desert air and sun exposure suck from the body.
Brittany Laughlin opened Jean Jeffrey Salon and Day Spa inside the Riverside Resort in February 2018.
Laughlin is adamant about using organic products that not only make the skin look and feel rejuvenated, but many of which are vegan, organic, and free of sulfates and parabens to ensure they are a healthy option for clients. Some products they use include Pai-Shau hair products, Farmhouse Fresh body treatments and Biotone massage products.
They offer many special treatments you won’t find anywhere else including a butter rum sugar scrub, a caramel coffee body polish and a toning cactus wrap with prickly pear gel, that help with circulation, improving skin elasticity and rejuvenation. They also have more classic options such as a Swedish, aromatherapy, or hot stone massage.
Their face and back facials are designed to target each individual’s needs including issues such as acne or dehydration, and can prevent signs of aging.
Jean Jeffrey esthetician Kasey Huseman, gives free consultations at the day spa, helping customers find the right treatment for their skin.
“A lot of people don’t realize that if you change a couple of things in your routine, your face will change so much and you will be much happier,” Huseman said. “Sometimes people are using skincare products but they aren’t doing the steps in the right order or even something as simple as adding a toner into your routine can make a difference. If they were to come in to me for a consultation, I can recommend exactly the cleanser, moisturizer and so on, that would be right for their skin.”
Jean Jeffrey sells Dr. Babor skincare products, which are the same products they use during facial treatments.
For damaged skin, whether from the sun or acne scarring, Huseman recommends the microdermabrasion facial.
“It’s very exfoliating and it’s going to break through that layer of rough skin that can sit on the surface for a long time,” Huseman said.
For those that are looking for an anti-aging treatment, Jean Jeffrey offers a high skin refiner facial to firm, tone and lift.
“It’s our most luxurious facial and it has intense hydration and citric acid which helps firm and tighten the skin,” Huseman explained. “That’s a really good choice for anybody who is looking to reduce the look of wrinkles.”
Huseman uses a multi-function facial machine that has several tools to aid in her treatments, and it allows her to do high-frequency treatments for acne.
“The high frequency tool is a glass electrode that when you turn it on the electricity forms a gas inside the glass tube and when you hover it over the skin the gas actually kills the bacteria that is trapped under the skin,” Huseman explained. “It also has a comb for the scalp and that one creates a different gas that is more of a stimulation, so it makes the blood flow. So if someone who is balding does several treatments with the electrode it’s going to stimulate the follicles and it’s going to allow the hair to grow again.”
Another unique treatment Huseman does, is an ampoule infusion enhancement, which can be customized for dry skin, anti-aging, lifting, firming and many other objectives. An ampoule is encapsulated lipids, which absorb easily into the skin leaving it rejuvenated and healthy.
“An ampoule concentrate is a liquid that feels almost like a serum,” Huseman said. “If you need a pick-me-up or you feel dry like your moisturizer isn’t working, put one of these on and then apply your moisturizer and your skin will be glowing.”
If you are looking for full body rejuvenation, Huseman said the most popular body treatment is the Honey Lavender Salt Scrub. With raw honey, natural sea salts and rice-bran oil, this treatment nourishes the skin for a renewed texture and elasticity.
The Liquor Infused Butter Rum Sugar Scrub sounds like a treat as well. Brown sugar, butterscotch and dark rum “intoxicate your senses” as it exfoliates the dead skin cells and replenishes skin’s moisture.
They also offer a Firming and Toning Mud Wrap and a Toning Cactus Wrap to revitalize dehydrated skin and give it a healthy glow.
Aside from body treatments and facials, the salon stylists offer full hair and nail services, makeup application, eyelash extensions and waxing.
Jean Jeffrey is open from 9 a.m.- 6 p.m. daily, and is located on the second floor of the Riverside, past the Bingo hall. Call 702-298-2686 to make an appointment. At this time the spa asks that clients wear a mask and employees will be wearing masks as well.
Visit the Facebook page Jean Jeffrey The Salon and Day Spa for updates about the spa.