Hot Wheels

A vacation in Laughlin is the time to let loose and have some fun. You might even find yourself taking shots and going topless — with a Slingshot rental, of course!
220 Tours opened in Laughlin last year giving guests a “second to none” experience with the latest Polaris Slingshots available to rent for an hour, a day, a night or a full 24 hours.
Slingshots are a three-wheeled vehicle without a top or doors, which sit about five inches from the ground for a cruise unlike any other. They can reach speeds up to 135 mph and are made for easy maneuvering on the twists and turns of desert mountain driving.
Owner Robert Church has been operating a dirt bike tour business out of Las Vegas for four years, taking guests on rides from Vegas to Laughlin and back. With broad knowledge of the area, he decided to branch out and partner with the Polaris Adventure program to bring this exciting excursion to Laughlin.
Polaris Adventures choose outfitters for their nationwide rental program based on “experience, adherence to best practices, high scores in customer satisfaction, as well as a commitment to safety and ethics.” Church fit the bill.
“I had an opportunity to be a part of the Polaris Adventures program and with that, basically they put together a complete package and I lease the Slingshots from them,” Church said. “They wanted someone who really knew the area and they found me and said, ‘Hey we noticed you do a lot of dirt bike tours in the Laughlin area.’ That’s exactly what they were looking for, somebody that’s well connected in the area.”
The business was a no-brainer for Church, who knew the Laughlin market would take well to this one-of-a-kind recreational experience.
“It’s a unique service that is not offered anywhere else in Laughlin,” Church said. “They look cool, everybody can see you in it and it’s a great driving experience. It hugs the road, it has a very powerful engine — it’s basically a Chevy Equinox engine with half the weight. It burns out, it can go 135 mph and you’re only five inches off the ground, it’s right there. They’re just cool, you cannot drive down the street without somebody taking a picture.”
There’s no hassle in renting one of the roadsters either, all you need is a valid driver’s license — no motorcycle license necessary. Drivers must be 21 or older and able to operate a manual transmission. Helmets are not required, but provided if desired.
Slingshots are street legal and make for a fun, open-air roadtrip to all of the favorite local destinations. Church suggests a drive up to Oatman for some Old West fun, a Hoover Dam cruise or even a trip to the Grand Canyon.
“Those are the trips that I throw out there,” he said. “All of the slingshots have a GPS in them and you can preload maps in there, so I’ve added Oatman, the long way to Golden Valley, Route 66, but we just make suggestions. If you really want a good driving experience Route 66 is really cool, not only is it nostalgic, but the road is built for these.”
If you book your rental online, there are suggested hours for certain trips just so guests know how long to plan for a desired destination. If you just want to cruise Casino Drive for an hour, that’s cool, everything is up to the guest. These are not guided tours, so the master plan is up to each party, with as many stops and miles as you wish.
“Our popular time right now is our ‘All Night’r’ special from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. for just $199,” Church said. “They can still catch some scenery and a great sunset while beating the heat and taking advantage of 11 hours of epic adventures. Most who do this go to Havasu or Vegas for the nightlife and head back around sunrise.”
Prices start at $99 for one hour, $149 for two hours, $199 for four hours, up to $399 for a full 24 hours. Along with the All Night’r special he also offers an 11-hour daytime value deal for $299 (7 a.m.-6 p.m.).
The roadsters are an exciting alternative to renting a car or also a convenient way for prospective Slingshot buyers to test-drive the vehicle without having to travel hours away to a dealership.
Each roadster seats two people, includes GPS navigation, radio, Bluetooth integration and has a backup camera. Church currently has five vehicles, which can accommodate a group of up to ten people.
220 Tours is located in the parking lot across from Harrah’s entrance, at 2905 S. Casino Drive. You can take a few laps around the lot to get warmed up and then it’s off to the open road with your hair flying and a grin from ear to ear!
Book online at or call Church at 702-997-5820 for availability. Office hours are 7 a.m.-7 p.m. daily, but reservations are welcome 24/7, just call ahead for a later or earlier booking.