Going to the Movies

Date night, family night or flying solo, the cinema is a favorite pastime no matter the occasion. It can be a place to spark wonder and imagination, generate emotion, or create laughter and joy. The entertainment value of watching a movie on the big screen hasn’t faltered over the years and can be a great place to spend time with friends or relax alone.
Luckily, there are three movie theaters in Laughlin offering a variety of featured films with the latest and greatest in cinematic technology. Grab your popcorn and read on about the amenities each theater offers its guests.

Brenden Theatres within the Avi Resort and Casino has been named the best movie theater in Laughlin for 10 years running for a reason. It offers eight wall-to-wall screens with vivid wide-screen projection and Dolby digital sound. They have luxurious reclining seats in all theaters and closed captioning and assisted listening devices are also available in all auditoriums.
Brenden Theatres Specials: Wednesday Senior Days — Movie ticket, drink and popcorn, for $8 (excluding holidays, special engagements and movies marked with “no pass”); Two-fer Tuesdays — Two admissions, two large drinks and a large popcorn for $22 (excludes holidays, special engagements and no passes); Punch cards — after paying for nine movie tickets, the tenth is free.
Prices: Adults $9.50; seniors and children $7.00; bargain matinee (all shows starting before 6 p.m. Monday-Friday, and before 1 p.m. Saturday-Sunday) $7.00.
To purchase tickets online, see Avicasino.com/amenities/brenden-movie-theatre-laughlin.

Riverside Cinemas is located on the second floor of the Riverside Resort. They have six theaters with deluxe cushioned seating as well as all new movie screens. Two of its six theaters offer REAL D digital 3D screens and all six have state-of-the-art Dolby Digital Surround Sound. Hearing devices are available, free of charge, at Riverside Cinemas Box Office.
Riverside Cinemas has an extra appeal for patrons 21 and over. Along with the usual pop, candy and pretzel concessions, it also has a full service bar serving beer, wine and cocktails to sip while you watch.
Prices: Adult $9.75; children (12 and under) and seniors (55 and older) $7.50; 3D movies add $1.
To purchase tickets online, see Riversideresort.com/movies.aspx.

Stadium 9 Cinema is located on the second floor of the Laughlin Outlet Center. Offering seven screens, Stadium 9 is a great affordable spot that rewards loyal customers. They offer a Motion Picture Points Card that rewards patrons after every 40 points earned. For each dollar spent, you earn one point. Rewards include free popcorn, drinks and movie tickets.
Theatre Specials: Member Mondays — $6 small popcorn and a small drink; Candy Tuesdays — Any candy only $2 with a combo purchase; Popcorn Wednesdays — $2 small popcorn; Combo Points — Earn three extra points with any combo purchase.
Prices: Adult, children and seniors all $7.00, upgrade $2.25 for 3D; Bargain Tuesday $6.00 (excludes Sony pictures and holidays).
To purchase tickets online, see Phoenixtheatres.com/location/3814/Laughlin-Stadium-9-Cinemas-Showtimes.
For the current movie listings at all three locations, with descriptions and reviews, see “Movies” on pages 34-35.