Casino Cookbook: The Range

If you need a recipe to wow guests at your next dinner party, we have four straight from the kitchen at The Range Steakhouse within Harrah’s.
The Range Sous Chef Erik Martinez showed us the entire process to cooking tomato caprese, seared scallops, salmon, and filet mignon with king crab legs. That’s two appetizers and two entrees complete with sides!
Martinez has been with Harrah’s for a little over three years. He is a local, graduating from Mohave High School in 2011. He then completed his associate’s degree in culinary arts and hospitality management at Mohave Community College.
First on the menu was the simple yet salivating vegetarian and gluten-free appetizer— tomato caprese. You will need one large tomato, ovoline mozzarella, a balsamic glaze and pesto vinaigrette. The pesto vinaigrette at The Range is made from a blend of basil, walnuts, oil, garlic, salt and pepper.
Cut the tomato into four thick slices and layer with slices of the mozzarella as you place it on a serving plate.
“We use a beefy tomato, so even though it is a vegetarian appetizer, it is very hearty and filling,” Martinez said.
Drizzle the balsamic glaze and pesto vinaigrette over top of the tomato and you are finished, simple as that! Martinez plates the caprese with two bread toasts to accompany the dish.
Next, Chef Martinez started the second appetizer— seared scallops. You should start your burner for the scallops while crafting the caprese, as you will want a very hot skillet to create a nice sear. Put a little oil in your hot pan and drop in the scallops. Cook for about 30 seconds to one minute on each side, then finish cooking them in the oven for about two minutes. Once they are done, plate them with a thin slice of blood orange, a scoop of caviar and an edible orchid to really delight your guests with a picturesque plate that looks like it came from a five-star restaurant.
Next you will want to start steaming your veggies and boiling rice for the sides. If you do not have a steamer at home you can create a makeshift one by filling a large pot with about an inch of water. Place a metal colander inside the pot, making sure it does not touch the water. Throw in the veggies and cover the pot to let them simmer. Martinez used carrots and green beans, which pair well with both the steak and salmon.
In a medium sauce pan, combine 1 cup of jasmine rice and 1.5 cups of water. Bring the water to a boil and, then reduce the heat and cover it with a lid. Let the rice simmer for about 18 minutes while you cook the main entrees.
To start your surf and turf dish, take a 5-ounce cut tenderloin filet, sprinkle Montreal seasoning over both sides and place it in the skillet. After searing for a minute and a half on each side, you will put it in the oven at 450 degrees for about 11 minutes for a medium steak.
Once your steak is in the oven, take your veggies out of the steamer and add a scoop of butter. Leave them in a covered dish to keep warm.
While the steak is cooking, you can start the second entrée option, The Range’s signature salmon.
Season the salmon with Montreal seasoning, put a little more oil in your hot pan, and sear each side for one minute. Finish cooking the salmon for about nine minutes in the oven to keep it tender. Note— when you flip it in the skillet put it on a different spot because the center has to cool down.
The signature secret that makes this salmon stand out is in the glaze— a horseradish/apricot mix.
“We use horseradish to give it a nice little kick, a little change of pace from a traditional salmon,” Executive Chef Ron Williams said.
The glaze is a blend of apricot marmalade, horseradish, apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper.
Once your salmon is finished cooking, take your rice off the burner and mix in a scoop of butter, green onions, fresh ginger, salt, pepper, and cilantro to taste.
Top the salmon with the apricot glaze, and a pineapple chutney. To make the chutney, dice an onion, red pepper, Serrano pepper, and fresh ginger. Saute the above ingredients with some garlic in a pan for one minute. Add Malibu rum, and cook until the liquid has boiled off. Add fresh pineapple and brown sugar and cook for 15 minutes. Remove the pan from the heat and let the chutney cool before topping.
Finish the plate with an edible orchid, a scoop of rice and some veggies.
The final piece that will really make your dinner top-notch is the second half of your surf and turf entrée— Alaskan king crab legs. Take the legs and drop them in your steamer, or steamer substitute, for four and a half to five minutes. You may also cook them in the oven, but Chef Williams said that steaming is the optimal method as it locks in the moisture and flavor.
Take your filet out of the oven and plate it with some veggies. Place the crab legs over top, and it is time to dine!