Enchanting Evening

Fleetwood Nicks USA is one of the most authentic tribute shows in the business, performing the timeless music of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks.

The band’s focus is on capturing the true essence of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks in their prime during the ’70s and ’80s, staying true to the original studio recordings that made Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks two of the best-selling and most iconic acts in rock history. In fact, Stevie Nicks has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, as part of the band and for her solo career.

Fleetwood Nicks brings its spot-on recreation of Fleetwood Mac’s legendary sound to the stage at Don’s Celebrity Theatre within the Riverside Resort July 21-24 with a powerful rock concert, performing hits from the Grammy-Award winning “Rumours” album through Fleetwood Mac’s infamous reunion with their songs from the Dance Tour.

“The Chain,” “Go Your Own Way,” “Dreams,” “You Make Lovin’ Fun,” “Gypsy” and “Landslide” are just a handful of Fleetwood Mac’s classic hits you’ll hear during this enchanting evening. Powerful solo hits by Nicks are also showcased, such as “Edge of Seventeen,” “Talk to Me” and “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around,” where the group pays tribute to the late Tom Petty.

Fleetwood Nicks stands apart because of their musicianship and vocal ability to replicate Nicks’ and Mac’s unique sound. Julie Torchin is that singer who is able to capture the voice of the gypsy enchantress in her early years with Fleetwood Mac and solo career. Brad Torchin fills the distinctive roll of Lindsey Buckingham on lead guitar and vocals, with Karen Hart heading up the third harmony of Christine McVie’s vocals and keyboards. Danny Buss (bass) one of the founding members of the band, and drummer Dave Davis throw down the powerful rhythm section, along with band mates Aaron Olson (rhythm guitar and percussion) and Dave Miller (piano, keys).   

Originating in Chicago, Julie Torchin and Buss were the opening act at festivals for celebrated artists such as Cheap Trick, Grand Funk, Joan Jett, Three Dog Night and many more. That was almost 20 years ago when their band Mirage was performing both Heart and Fleetwood Mac.

“We were very successful for six years playing fests, theaters, and the club circuit, but we were only able to perform on weekends,” Torchin said. “We made the decision to move to Las Vegas to reinvent the two shows. After a few generations of band members, we found the right players to make it one of the most recognized tributes today.”   

Fleetwood Nicks has been nominated “Best Tribute Show” twice, and the band’s Heart tribute, Heart Alive, won the award for “Best Tribute Band” where they walked the red carpet with artists such as Sammy Hagar, Sebastian Bach, Geoff Tate, Vince Neil and many more.   

With this talented group of musicians, the real challenge wasn’t just mastering the music, but mastering their schedule.

Olson (rhythm guitar) has been playing drums in “The Fab,” Las Vegas’ top Beatles tribute, as well as Permanent Waves (a tribute to Rush) and drumming for the band’s other project Heart Alive.

Davis (drums) has been playing the lead vocal and guitar part of Barry Gibb in Las Vegas’s Australian Bee Gees show, both in and outside of Las Vegas, as well as lead guitar in Heart Alive.

Miller lives in Hawaii on the Big Island and plays keyboards regularly with projects Bottle of Blue, Green Machine, Big Island Groove Band and Tomi Isobe’s Blue’s Dog. He also has a duo with American Idol singer Amanda Avila called the 9th Island Duo.

Buss (bass/percussion in both Fleetwood Nicks/Heart Alive) has been in the studio finishing up his latest CD, as well as working large production shows inside and outside of Vegas.

Brad Torchin (lead vocals/lead guitar in both Fleetwood Nicks and Heart Alive) has been keeping busy working shows in Las Vegas, most notably performances at the Smith Center with artists such as Peter Cetera and Daniel Emmett. Torchin is active in original and cover projects for non-profit special causes such as hospice andaAutism support.   

Hart (lead vocals/keys/guitar) started her own successful band, The Karen Hart Band, performing around the Midwest, as well as starting Pretending, taking on the roll of Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders. Hart also takes on acting roles when she is not performing music.

Aside from tribute shows Fleetwood Nicks and Heart Alive, Julie Torchin (lead vocals) performs with Hart in the rock duo Vinyl Vixens and tribute show Just Pretending, a recreation of the successful 2016 Stevie Nicks/Pretenders tour. Torchin recently released her second album with her original Christian rock project, Love Survive. Proceeds for downloading the single “Rescue Me,” will go toward the fight against child trafficking. This year she also re-released her first original rock album “Surrounding Sara.”

There is no denying the appeal of Nicks’ character involves ridiculously cool costumes of vintage lace, beaded scarves, velvet, flowing skirts and lace-up boots of the mystical realm.

“It’s a dream come true because everything that Stevie has brought to fashion is definitely the coolest stuff you can possibly wear.” Torchin said. “My closet is a wonderland of hippie/gypsy/goth/renaissance finery! If I could only dress this way every day!”   

While the outfits are part of the fun, what’s most important is the music and getting it right.

“I think everyone in this band loves this music and it shows in our performance,” Torchin said. “The audience picks up on this and it becomes a giant celebration of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie fans. We are honest when we advertise ‘we rock it like the record,’ because we stay true to the original studio recordings and don’t hold back on anything. That means no lowering the key, no dancing around the melody to make it easier — which other bands will sometimes do. I’m not saying we don’t add our own creativity here and there because we do, but it’s important to stay true to the original recordings because that is what people identify with.

“There are some cool things in Fleetwood Mac’s live versions which we sometimes pull from. What comes to mind is “Rhiannon” — we go off the 1980 double live album version because it has this incredibly powerful ending where Lindsey plays this awesome guitar solo and Stevie comes back in belting the rest of the song.”

With all the music at their fingertips, what are the band members’ favorites?

“I think everyone loves ‘The Chain,’ and the guys love doing ‘Tusk’ because they jam this awesome percussion piece where Dave, Aaron, and Danny are all playing together — the audience gets into that. However, there is one crowd favorite that cannot be skipped no matter what. That is the beloved ‘Landslide.’ You can’t get away without having that song in your set or your audience will not feel satisfied. It’s definitely the most requested song wherever we play. It’s this perfect little masterpiece that stands out from all the rock and roll and becomes the delicate centerpiece of the show.”

Get ready for an enchanting evening with all of the classics just as you remember them, when Fleetwood Nicks takes over the stage at the Riverside this week.