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Willie Nelson


Willie Nelson at 84. Seeing as how we are in a betting town, you can be pretty certain the over/under on him reaching that age 20 years ago was prohibitive on the under. Say +350. He did have a scare in 2015, undergoing a lung operation in November but things went successfully and he’s back on tour, holding the oddsmakers at bay. It wasn’t his first rodeo when it comes to his health issues with his lungs. But Nelson has always been about beating the odds…both in his career and his life.

Cheap Trick


Cheap Trick has often been referred to as the “American Beatles” in the Japanese press because it was there the group from Rockford, Illinois first tasted superstardom. While their music received a lukewarm reception in the United States when they came on the scene in the ’60s, the guys weren’t about to wait for success to come to them. They decided instead to set their sights a lot higher. They did what any hard-working band would do—play anywhere, any time, in whatever country to get the word out. To this day, their live shows are what fans crave the most, especially when some of their recordings have either disappeared into obscurity or are relegated to rare bootlegged copies.

Quiet Riot


There was nothing demure about Quiet Riot in the 1980s when this rock band broke barriers and musical records never accomplished before on the heavy metal scene. Up until that time metal wasn’t considered mainstream despite the fact it was attracting fans by the thousands.
They were one of the more successful hard rock acts in Los Angeles in the mid to late 1970s, often opening for Van Halen in several L.A. clubs, including the Starwood and KROQ’s Cabaret nightclub, before either act had a record deal.



KISS doesn’t really need an introduction. Their legions of die-hard fans, a.k.a. “KISS Army,” are well versed and immersed in a musical history that started more than 40 years ago. They already know all the good, bad, ugly, and controversial connected to their rock heroes, and that just makes them all the more appealing.
Even if fans are attending a KISS tribute band concert, they come in full makeup, with their children also in makeup—that’s how much they love these guys.