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Casino Cookbook: El Burro Borracho

Many a cook tries their hand at duplicating foods they love in restaurants and specialty shops, telling themselves, “it can’t be that difficult.” Often times, they’re right. It can be done—and it’s pretty simple. However, sometimes, it’s not as easy as it looks.
Mexican food for example looks easy because ingredients are simple, sauces are often slow-cooked and meat is marinated, making this comfort food one of America’s favorite. Recipes are often handed down and each time they’re prepared, a spice might be tweaked or flavor added, depending on taste and preference.

Tribute to the King

It’s been 40 years since Elvis Presley died (August 16, 1977) and millions of people still have the date circled in red on their calendars. People still remember and they still mourn. Some internet sites have gone to the extent of estimating what he would look like now, if he were still here in the physical.
This time of year Memphis fills up with more people than usual as crowds in large numbers make their pilgrimages to Graceland for visits to his home while tribute shows pop up all around the country to remember the huge icon that he was.

Comedy on the Edge featuring Mark Lawrence

Every once in a while someone you least expect appears in the “Comedy on the Edge” lineup. This time the face is way more familiar than the name, someone who’s probably more connected to characters in films and in television than standup. We’re talking about Mark Lawrence.
Mark Lawrence is the kind of actor you probably grew up watching and had no idea who he was. His acting credits date back to 1988.
He’s an actor, a voice-over actor, producer, writer and a standup comedian.

Billy Ray Cyrus

When Billy Ray Cyrus first exploded onto the country music scene, he was quickly labeled a “one-hit” wonder because one of his first hits seemed to overshadow everything and everybody else at the time. It was a little novelty song called “Achy Breaky Heart”—oh, but what a song it was. It wasn’t only a hit song, it became a phenomenon.
Cyrus and the song seemed to just crop up one day, taking the country music world by storm the next—so much so people thought that song would be all there was to Billy Ray Cyrus.