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Life-Changing Challenge

Overcoming obstacles on a foot-race course as a metaphor for facing what life throws at a person is what Spartan Race events are all about. If people can climb over rope walls, crawl through barbed wire and make their way through fire or mud pits, to cross the finish line, surely everything else will just fall into place.

Packing Punchlines

Comedian Bobby Collins doesn’t miss a thing in this crazy world. His unique perspective comes from years as an observer and an active participant. He tells it like it is and when it comes to politics — sure, he has his opinions, but he doesn’t choose sides and jokes are at everyone’s expense.

Memphis Marvels

Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Johnny Cash rewrote music history by daring to bring to light the genre-bending rock, rockabilly, blues, folk and gospel they’d grown up with, long before there were names for the sounds.
Born and raised in the south, the trio couldn’t help being moved by and attracted to this intoxicating blend of music that was both joyful and soulful, energizing and filled with sorrow, danceable and redemptive, and created by people who lived it every day.

Wine a Little

The River Fund is hosting a wine tasting and charity auction to raise funds to provide emergency relief services to Tri-state area residents. The event will be in the Tropicana’s Pavilion Theater from 1 p.m.-4 p.m. Nevada time, Saturday, Nov. 17.