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Taking the Reins

It’s only fitting Ned LeDoux would return to the same Riverside stage where his dad Chris LeDoux unleashed his inner wild man year after year. The “rodeo rock and roller” was a fixture in town for years, usually around the time rodeos were annual events here, too. It was a natural fit because LeDoux was one of them. He traded in his life as a bronc rider (for the most part) for one with less injuries but different pitfalls when he strapped on a guitar, wrote and recorded his own songs, and sold them out of his car at rodeos everywhere.

Lasting Legacy

It’s unfathomable to think that a group of ragtag British musicians who’s biggest worry at one point was fitting both equipment and guys into one van for the occasional gig would lay the groundwork for a legacy lasting longer than they ever could have imagined.

Set Sail

The Colorado River is a beautiful sight to gaze upon from the shore, but for a better look into the area, the ideal vantage point is found when you are right on the water yourself. The Riverside Resort offers the perfect scenic tour aboard its USS Riverside cruise boat for guests to sit back, relax and take in the scenery.

Join the Club

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