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Folk Favorites

Peter, Paul and Mary were more than one of the most popular groups emerging from the folk music scene in the early 1960s, they carried the torch for social change.
Their contributions didn’t stop at simply delivering hit song after hit song written by some of the most dynamic artists of the day — like Bob Dylan’s world-changing lyrics — their perfectly blended voices delivered social commentary and served as the calming force during some of America’s most turbulent times.

Memphis to Mexico

Imagine Ceasar Chavez fronting a punk rock band, Liberace teaching Chicano studies, and Tom Jones singing about the Virgin de Guadalupe. Toss in multiple costumes changes, mixed with dancing back up singers and a rocking band and you have El Vez.
He is ridiculous and hilarious, serious and passionate, but always unique and entertaining
Because Elvis Presley has become an international institution that can communicate across national and cultural boundaries, it comes as no surprise that El Vez — the self-proclaimed “Mexican Elvis” — has emerged.

Distilling Dreams

Desert Diamond Distillery is proving its versatility yet again, with the upcoming release of its very first batch of whiskey. The Kingman distillery is known for its award-winning rums and has also produced vodka, but in the New Year it will present its newest spirit.
John and Deb Patt opened Desert Diamond Distillery in 2010, where they craft their signature Gold Miner spirits from start to finish with a state-of-the-art still from Arnold Holstein in Germany. The 1000-liter still has a double stack and a semi-automation process that was one of the first in the craft industry, designed by Bavarian-Holstein Partners.

Cracking Up Crowds

Humor was in Tobe Hixx’s tool box long before he had any idea what his career choice would be.
The skinny kid from Omaha, Nebraska learned early that levity was an important survival skill if was going to develop the thick skin needed to overcome ridicule and limitations in life.