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Fairies, Flutes, & Flowers Galore

Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker is a classic ballet that many people don’t realize they’re already familiar with. Sometimes it is the background music in commercials for things like M&Ms or Target stores, but the ballet became more of a popular holiday tradition around the same time the Disney film Fantasia came out back in the ’40s. Selections from the ballet suite are prominently used in the film to illustrate the changing of the seasons from summer to autumn to winter and a variety of dances are presented by fairies, fish, flowers, mushrooms and leaves including “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy,” “Chinese Dance,” “Dance of the Flutes,” “Arabian Dance,” “Russian Dance,” and “Waltz of the Flowers.”

Roulette 101

Roulette is a popular game across the world, stemming from Frenchman Blaise Pascal’s creation of the “little wheel” in the 1600s. His pursuit to engineer a perpetual motion machine led to the roulette wheel that is found on casino floors today.

Dirt Track Demons

Off road racing has always been a part of the Laughlin scene.
Drivers of heavy duty racing trucks and buggies like the challenge of negotiating hairpin turns and switch-backs over a rugged desert course that calls to them, daring them to take their skills to the next level — and this year, there’s a twist nobody saw coming until it showed up on the schedule for the 2017 McKenzie’s Rage at the River.

Worship & Waffles

This time of year people get so caught up in the frivolities of the holidays to the point the reason for the season gets lost in the shuffle.
The spiritual side often takes a back seat to the latest cell phones, iPads and princess dolls, decorating and cooking preparation, and the general craziness of fighting the crowds for parking spaces in search of that “perfect” gift.