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Happily Home

When Brad & Kelly Blake return home from work, their pack of German Shepherds greet them at the gate, ready for treats, affection and their nightly walk. But one furry head that pops out for a pat doesn’t look quite like the others. Walter gets a “good boy” and follows the family into the house just like his canine siblings, but he is of a different breed.

Ticket to Ride

Take a thrilling train ride aboard the Grand Canyon Railway from Williams, Arizona, to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim. This trip began in 1901, bringing passengers to the famed canyon, which was difficult to reach over rugged landscape at that time. The train made it quicker and more convenient for visitors to make the journey, taking them on a 65-mile railway trek through the desert and Kaibab National Forest.

Saddle Up

“It’s not the trip, it’s the experience,” Bob Walton of Desert Wonder Tours said. Because on his tours, regardless of the destination, he makes sure guests have a fabulous time.
Walton started his business out of Kingman three years ago, “to share his appreciation of the desert and the attractions here with visitors around the world.”

Eternally Grateful

Armistice Day was recognized as a celebration of the end to World War I, when Germany signed the armistice agreeing to end hostilities in 1918. This truce went into effect on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, and was thereafter celebrated that day, Nov. 11.