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Songs Carry On

Pam Tillis has more than a string of hit songs and the legacy of her famous father, Mel Tillis, to sustain her successful country music career. She has the wherewithal and the talent to pilot herself to the moon and back if that’s what she wanted to do with her life. But she chose the difficult path, following the one first forged by her dad, yet leaving her own high-heeled footprint.

Cruizin’ Through Town

The River Cruizers Car Club is well-known in these parts for its successful 20-plus year run of the fall “Roddin’ on the River” car show at the Riverside Resort and their upcoming 19th Annual Hotrods & Harleys in the spring at the Avi Resort & Casino. These events have proven to be popular not just for people who like to show off their prized restored cars and trucks, but also for people who just like to look at the vehicles, hang out with a fun crowd, and play games.

What’s New at the Colorado Belle

Long before the World Series of Poker saw players win millions of dollars with the turn of the right card in front of large crowds of people including a TV audience, small groups of people have been getting together to play poker simply for the fun of it for hundreds of years.

Meet the Manager- Matt Laughlin

Matt Laughlin, grandson of Don Laughlin, is the chief operating officer of the Riverside Resort. Don asked Matt to join his team three years ago as an administrative director.
“It was such a great honor,” Matt said. “I always wanted to get involved at some point, because it’s an exciting business.”