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Fandom Frenzy

Feb. 9, 1964, a musical craze struck America that can only be compared to the hysteria of Elvis fandom. This time, Ed Sullivan was introducing the country to a group from across the pond who had created quite a bit of noise for themselves.

Hot August Nights

No performer is lauded for their stage presence, musical ability and star quality quite like the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. However, another man did come close to affecting his fans in the same manor, with charming good looks and a charismatic aura. Neil Diamond has been called “Jewish Elvis,” due to his flashy costumes, theatrical style and ability to touch his audience through live performances in a way that left them starstruck.

Looking to the Legends

Josh Turner is a classic country voice who carries on the traditional sound of singers like Hank Williams and Johnny Cash, because that is who he has always looked to for inspiration.

Top-Notch Tribute

Imagine it is the early 1970s and you turn on the radio to hear, for the very first time, “Take It Easy,” “Tequila Sunrise,” or “Best of My Love.” These Eagles classics took hold and propelled the band to superstardom across the decade, making the group a fan favorite for years to come.