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River Resort

The Colorado River is the lifeblood of the Tri-state region, offering a recreational paradise to those of us lucky enough to call this area home, as well as the visitors who choose to spend their vacation along the cool turquoise waters.
Boating, kayaking, fishing, or simply chilling on the banks of the river are the most popular summertime activities. There are several outlets to the water, with a few prime options in Needles, California, listed below.

Knocking Pins

Offering 34 lanes, bumper bowling and glow-in-the-dark bowling, Riverside Lanes has the latest and greatest technology and a huge alley to accommodate several groups of bowlers at once, while allowing for social distancing.

Downtown Delight

McCulloch Boulevard is bustling with business because of the great selection of eateries and specialty shops. It is the perfect spot in Lake Havasu City to grab your gal pals and spend a day strolling the street for unique finds.

Antique Beauties

What is it about classic automobiles that continue to spark interest? These sleek, innovative, well-engineered, comfortable cars meant freedom, exploration, and a new chapter in people’s lives who worked hard to afford them.