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Bad to the Bone

It’s rare that George Thorogood takes anything in life too seriously. Does he care about trying to change the world one guitar lick at a time? No, not particularly. Is he trying to do better than the next guy? Nope.
As far as he’s concerned life is all about having fun, playing a bit of music and taking as many people as possible who want to go along on this crazy journey with him. And if you think at his age of 68 he has any intention of slowing down, forget it.
All we can say is, buckle up, people, you’re in for one hell of a sweet roller coaster ride.

Punk Pioneers

If you’re into reliving the punk rock era of the ’90s, the Tropicana Laughlin has you covered with two tribute groups performing in one concert for a night filled with alt-rock music.
The groups performing are Weezerton: A Tribute to Weezer and The-182s performing the music of Blink-182.

Capturing the Cars

With their sleek, mechanical sound inspired by proto-punk, garage rock, and bubblegum pop, the Cars, a Boston-based five-piece, racked up a string of platinum albums and Top 40 singles, becoming the most successful American new wave band of the late ’70s and early ’80s, changing the style of hit music of the time. Being a prominent fixture on both MTV and radio definitely helped their cause.

Mamma Mia!

It’s no wonder people of all ages continue to know about ABBA music, despite the fact the curtain closed on the rock/pop supergroup back in the 1980s. The popularity of their songs has continued long after they topped the music charts so long ago.