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Ready to Rage

Off-road racing has always been a big part of the Laughlin event scene. Drivers of heavy duty racing trucks and buggies like the challenge of negotiating hairpin turns and switch-backs over a rugged desert course, daring them to take their skills to the next level — which is why the 2019 McKenzie’s Rage at the River’s season finale is a popular event.

Retro Rendition

When it comes to portraying Johnny Cash, tribute artists don’t get much closer than Shawn Barker.
Cash commanded and earned the kind of serious respect that continues long after his passing, and Barker has kept that respect at the very core of everything he does from the very beginning. Sure, an artist might include the kind of fun Cash used to have, because they know full-well his fans expect nothing less.

Heal with Humor

If anyone knows about the healing power of laughter, it’s Will C, a.k.a. William Clifton, because he’s seen it happen.
The veteran of both comedy and American armed forces, Will C lives by his message that laughter is truly the best medicine.
On a dare he took the stage at the World Famous Comedy Store in La Jolla, California, in the spring of 1995. He caught the comedy bug and never looked back.

Passionate Process

A sip of Cella wine is all it takes to taste the heart and soul that goes into crafting each blend at the Kingman winery and vineyard.
For Carlos Cella, owner of Cella Wines, the craft is his passion, and it is evident in the high-quality flavor and aroma that bursts from every bottle.
Cella has been making wines since childhood with his Italian upbringing.