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The art of imitation is at the very core of the classic Las Vegas show. And just how good a person is at their craft determines their shelf life no matter what forms of entertainment are here today and gone tomorrow. The art form of the female impersonator is one of those genres that isn’t to be taken lightly. They have survived the years of changes and fads on the Strip, despite their classic shtick—the often over-the-top renditions of some of the most iconic celebrities like Cher and Bette Midler and the vintage ladies, Liza Minnelli and Judy Garland. From padded shoulders and hair sprayed to the heavens, these talented impersonators recreate those bigger than life personalities for the stage and do it well—that is part and parcel to iconic shows like “An Evening at La Cage.”

Laughlin Hideaway Bars


Laughlin boasts nightclubs a plenty for people who want to blow off some steam dancing and listening to music bursting with energy until the wee hours of the morning. But for those who prefer quiet conversations over cocktails in an intimate setting, or playing a little pool while just hanging out in a fun bar without all the other distractions, the Laughlin casinos can accommodate them as well.

Gretchen Wilson


Gretchen Wilson has always kept her eye on the ball when it comes to the things that matter in her life. She does what she has to when it comes to her family, even if it means putting her own career on hold.
Last time she came through Laughlin in 2014, she had just made life-changing decisions about her career—parting ways with her label to start her own Redneck Records, becoming her own producer in addition to being a singer, songwriter and musician.

Phil Vassar


You’d think a guy and his piano rolling into Nashville wouldn’t be that crazy of an idea, but it didn’t seem like country music was going to give Phil Vassar a chance.
It didn’t matter that other guys with pianos found all kinds of success, but apparently there was a shift in Nashville’s way of thinking in the late 1990s. They didn’t think anyone would be interested. Boy, oh boy, were they dead wrong.
Vassar’s songwriting ability didn’t seem to turn heads at first either, but he wasn’t about to take no for an answer from a label executive who wouldn’t know a good song if he was sitting on it.