Feeling Flushed

Harrah’s Laughlin is adding more excitement to its poker room with the return of a favorite promotion, not found elsewhere on Casino Drive.
Patrons can pick up a Flush Card before sitting at the poker table and earn bonus cash for hitting between two and four flushes per day.
“Players are liking it,” Poker Room Supervisor Prem Robles said. “It’s something old, but new, because it hasn’t been on the river for quite a few years. So it’s time to bring back some retro fun.”
How the promotion works is players receive a Flush Card and once they hit a flush during a game, the dealer will stamp the suit that was hit on the player’s card. If that same player hits a second flush of a different suit, then they will win $50. If they hit a third different flush, then they will win an additional $75, and for the fourth and final suit they would win an additional $100. Multiple same-suit flushes only count for one flush, and each player may only have one Flush Card per day.
“How you get a qualifying flush is you have to have two cards of the flush in your hand, you have to actually win the hand and there must be $20 in the pot,” Robles said. “The Flush Card is good for 24 hours — at midnight you start over and get a new card. You just check your card in if you want to leave the poker room and if you come back within the 24 hours you get your card back.”
The Flush Card promotion is available during any live cash Texas Hold ‘Em (two card) game.
Another fun promotion available at Harrah’s is Super Aces Cracked, which runs on Monday and Thursday. The first set of same-colored aces for the day pays out $200.
“So the first set of red aces and the first set of black aces pay $200 each,” Robles said. “We pay for the first set of each color for day shift, then once they’re hit it comes back down to the regular aces cracked payout of $50. Then at 5 p.m. when swing shift starts, they reset and swing shift has their set of Super Aces Cracked for $200 each. So it’s possible for one player to win $800 in a day.”
Harrah’s also hosts tournaments Thursday-Monday (poker room closed Tuesday-Wednesday). One of their most popular tournaments is the Saturday Deep Stack Tournament at 7 p.m. This tournament has a $100 buy-in — $95 at the counter gets you 10,000 in chips and an additional $5 at the table gets you another 5,000 in chips.
Blinds start out at 50/100 and they’re 20-minute levels.
If it has been awhile since your last visit to Harrah’s poker room, guests will be delighted by the fresh makeover. There are new leather adjustable chairs, USB charging stations under the table at every chair and new big screen TVs to keep up with your favorite sports team while waiting for your turn. Harrah’s implemented safety features at each table as well.
“Our tables are eight-handed and everybody has their own section, fully surrounded with plexiglass,” Casino Shift Manager Marcus Sauer said. “It’s a fun, friendly room, and it’s a safe place to play.”
When you enter the poker room at Harrah’s, the dealers will ask you which game you would like to play. They offer a 3/6 or 4/8 limit game, a 2/5 no limit game and Big-O Omaha. If there is enough interest for any other game at one time they will deal it.
If you’ve always wanted to get in the action at the poker table but don’t quite know the rules, check out the following rundown from Robles on the 3/6 limit game.

Before players even get their cards, betting must be initiated. To start the action there is a dealer button. The Harrah’s dealer will place a card in front of each player at the table. The dealer button is placed in the spot with the highest card in front of it. The person with the dealer button in front of them does not have to do anything. The person to their left is called the “small blind.” They must bet $1 without seeing their cards. The person to the left of the small blind is called the “big blind.” They must bet a full $3 (the minimum to enter the game) before seeing their cards.
Once these two bets are placed, everyone is dealt two cards. The person next to the big blind now has the option to “call” the $3 bet to enter the game, or fold their hand after looking at their two cards. Once play has went around the table and is back to the small blind, they must decide whether they want to add $2 to their bet to make the full $3 minimum or fold and lose the $1 they had already put in. The big blind is already in, they will “check.” To check, a player simply knocks on the table, and they ride with their bet. If they have an exceptional hand they may raise, and betting would go around the table again.

The Flop
Now it is time to start the first round, or the “flop.” The dealer will burn a card, then place three cards face up on the table. These cards are shared amongst all the players who are still active in the game, to play off of as part of their hand. Players will determine whether they can make any sort of a scoring hand between the cards on the table and the two in their hands. Then another round of betting begins, starting with the first player to the left of the button.
If the fold did not bring up anything to improve their hand they may choose to check, riding with their original $3 bet. The next person may also check. Or, if a card turned up that has improved their hand they may want to raise the bet, adding another $3. If they raise, the next player no longer has the option to check. Therefore, that player must decide if they want to call or raise the new bet to stay in the game, or fold their hand. If they choose to re-raise the bet, the next player in line must now match or raise this bet, or fold, and so on.
Once play reaches the big blind again, they must now call or raise the bet again to stay in the game. If the big blind raises, betting goes around the table again, until every player has stopped raising the bet, and has either called or folded.

The Turn
For the next round, the dealer burns another card and turns up one more in the middle of the table and the minimum bet is now $6 instead of $3. Action again starts with the person to the left of the button, who may check or bet. Action continues around the table in the same way it did during the flop. Once all players have matched the bet or folded, the round is over.

The River
The final round is called “the river.” The minimum bet stays at $6, the dealer turns up one final card, and action starts to the left of the button again. Once all remaining players have matched or folded, the player who initiated action in the round must now turn over their cards to reveal their hand. If the other players still in the game cannot beat this hand they do not have to turn over their cards, and may just slough them in the pile. If someone can beat that player’s hand, they must show their cards to win the chips. If everyone had folded except one person in any of the previous rounds, then play would have ended and the sole active player would win the chips and not be required to show their cards.
Now that the game is over, the dealer button moves to the left making the big blind from the previous round the small blind, and the person to their left is now the big blind. Everyone at the table will have to take their turn at the blind to initiate betting.