Man of Many Talents

If nothing else, country superstar Tim McGraw has earned the right to record the music he wants, when he wants and with whom he wants. Sure, his lengthy career is proof of More»

Here For a Good Time

George Strait is one of the most popular, most respected and most influential recording artists in country music history. He is the Gary Cooper of country stars. Handsome, thin, a man of More»

Fire & Ice Food

Expect the unexpected during the 2019 Taste of Bullhead fundraiser. With the theme, “Fire & Ice,” adopt the attitude that anything can and might just happen during the Bullhead Area Chamber of More»

Band in Blue

Commanders Jazz Ensemble, United States Air Force Band of the Golden West, returns to the Aquarius, delivering a program filled with American big band favorites. More»

Quite a Character

Las Vegas was built on chances and challenges — from everyday people taking a chance on a slot machine to casinos taking chances on entertainers. It’s also a place that caters to a wide variety of entertainment tastes, often changing with fads of the day without much in the way of permanence for performers. So any show that survives all of that in the ever-changing climate has to have something going for it in the first place.

Political Punchlines

When comedians Bruce Williams and Terry Ree first came on the scene, political correctness wasn’t a “thing,” but ranting politics was definitely their thing.
They didn’t necessarily take sides — they took aim at everybody. If individuals were in the public eye and they were caught doing something stupid, their actions were fair game. Williams & Ree not only made fun of these people and earned laughs at their expense, they might even have written one of their saucy little ditties about the situation — and their audiences would be laughing their butts off.

The Boys Are Back

The Laughlin entertainer magazine has conducted interviews with the Oak Ridge Boys every year the group returns to Laughlin. We often rotate chats between Joe Bonsall and Richard Sterban, and even Duane Allen on one occasion. All of them have been more than accommodating each and every time. However, we hadn’t talked with William Lee Golden at all, thinking he was the strong, silent type, the wise deep-thinker of the group, who preferred his solitude.

Dancing Through Decades

Strong vocal harmonies are in vogue if you know where to look. It’s a phenomenon that never went away, despite fluctuations in popular music over the years, and one of the groups making waves is These Guys Worldwide.