Rough & Raw

Lee Brice has never forgotten who he is, where he comes from or what he stands for. After all these years, he’s still crazy in love with his wife, Sara, and hanging More»

King of Diamonds

Rob Garrett’s tribute to Neil Diamond is so good, so good, so good. First and foremost, Garrett is a loyal fan, and he has clearly understood how much Diamond’s music has meant More»

Latin Flavor

Family is everything in the Latino culture, whether through a genetic link or simply part of a neighborhood. That “everybody is welcome” vibe is always alive and well in every aspect and More»

Let’s Taco ‘Bout It

Corn or flour, soft or crunchy, street or American style — we don’t discriminate when it comes to tacos. So what does make a good taco? In our book, it’s fresh ingredients, More»

Laughable Lines

The August installment of the 1st Friday Comedy Show series hits the Avi Resort & Casino’s Grand Ballroom stage Friday, Aug. 2. The format of three different comedians performing each month keeps the series fresh and popular with audiences.
What started as a summertime experiment last year, has expanded into a year-long run for the show this time. All of the talent comes from a comedy organization called The Comedy Machine, which has been supplying venues across the country with some of the funniest clean comedians around.

Reliving Rock

The jury seems to be divided which wild front man made for a better Van Halen (David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar), but there’s one veteran tribute group that chooses to color within the lines of the band’s musical artistry by remembering it at its most prolific and popular time, the 1980s.
Putting the music first is one of the reasons Fan Halen has a fan base all its own.

Anniversary Upgrades

Big changes are in the works for Don’s Celebrity Theatre within the Riverside Resort. Those of us who regularly attend shows in DCT know the seating arrangements have been slightly awkward for years — with audience members facing each other across a table rather than facing the stage. Because of the space limitations, it has been particularly difficult for cocktail servers to deliver drinks to tables when people are so close together.
However, all of that is changing when current renovations within DCT are completed. Some things will be completed by Aug. 7, and some will be completed during the summer of next year. But the biggest impact will be the seating.

Meet the Manager – Joe Hagan

Anything worth doing, is worth overdoing.” That’s the motto Tropicana Director of Marketing Joe Hagan follows when choosing entertainment, promotions and much more for the resort and casino.
“I try to always one up everything that we do, whether it be the costume I wear, the joke that I play or just a little something extra that makes it over the top,” he said.