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Australian Bee Gees

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Comedy on the Edge featuring Tobe Hixx

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Fiesta Fundraiser

Back in 1998, a fund-raiser for the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Colorado River was created that fit the style of a wide-open casino town like Laughlin. The idea was—”let’s have More»

Lights: The Music of Journey


A good portion of the Riverside Resort’s summer entertainment dance card is reserved for its stable of tribute acts focusing mainly on country, pop and rock. The majority of these acts have been booked time and again because they have established a following all their own.
One such group is Lights: The Music of Journey, who return to give their on-the-money tribute to Journey. A Journey tribute works because there are still legions of Journey fans who really and truly won’t “stop believing.”

Beatles vs Elvis


Andy Nagle brings a whole new perspective to his “battle of the bands” shows. As a producer he typically pits well-known, popular groups against each other that have more in common than they have differences, and the real winners here aren’t necessarily a favorite band, but the people who know their music backwards, forwards and everything in between—who get to relive deep memories associated with all of it.
Harrah’s Laughlin has been the stage the last several years where audiences have seen the Brits go at it in the show “Beatles vs. Stones,” or popular California bands, “Eagles vs. Heartbreakers” take each other on. These shows are a different take on the tribute scene, but this particular approach not only works, it works well because it is the audience who gets the best of both worlds.

Fourth of July Fireworks


Our area of the Colorado River celebrates Independence Day in a way much bigger than the population base would indicate was possible. Of course there are the family gatherings with backyard barbecues and pool parties. There is also the annual Oatman Sidewalk Egg Fry at “high noon” which has gained national notoriety (see page 16). And because fireworks are legal in Arizona there are fire cones, sparklers and pinwheels going off in profusion at backyard parties.
But the real Fourth of July celebrations belong to the sky above the river. We write “celebrations” because there are multiple, big-league displays taking place both upstream at the Laughlin casinos called “Rockets Over the River” and downstream at the Avi Resort & Casino.

MacDougal Street West


Peter, Paul & Mary were more than one of the most popular groups emerging from the folk music scene in the early 1960s, they carried the torch for social commentary and social change. Their contributions didn’t stop at simply delivering hit song after hit song written by some of the most dynamic artists of the day, like Bob Dylan and his world-changing lyrics, their perfectly blended voices seemed to be the calming force during some of these most turbulent of times. The relevance of their words continue to strike a chord today.