Hold ’em, fold ’em – The following contains information on the various live poker options at Laughlin casinos. The information is subject to last minute changes, so for up-to-the-minute details, see each poker podium within each poker room.



Harrah’s Laughlin’s non-smoking poker room is located near Chances Bar on the east side of the main casino. The poker room features eight tables and higher limit games with convenience of an electronic waiting board. Harrah’s poker room offers Caesars Rewards members $1 in comp credit plus Base Point credits for each hour of play, and offers significant value with a “No Flop No Drop” policy in all of the cash games. For info, call 702-298-4600, ext 6519.

NOTE: You can check out the action at Harrah’s Poker Room via a free Bravo Poker Live App for smart phones. The app shows current games running, current waiting lists, promotions offered, tournament schedules and monthly cash added tournament.

Harrah’s Poker Tournaments
• $25,000 Quarterly Poker Tournament: Win a share of $25,000 or a World Series of Poker Final Spot in this poker tournament. $150 buy-in with $75 re-buy. Registration on Friday, Nov. 29 at the Promotions Booth (4 p.m.-6 p.m.); continued registration Saturday, Nov. 30 (9 a.m.-9:30 a.m.) in the Fiesta Showroom. Tournament play on Saturday, Nov. 30 and Sunday, Dec. 1 in the Hacienda Ballroom. See for details.

NOTE: All tournaments listed below are No-Limit Texas Hold ’em with sign up at the Poker Room registration desk one hour prior to tournament start.
• All Face Cards Cracked: Monday-Thursday (1 p.m.-11:59 p.m.) get dealt same color JJ, QQ or KK, get beat and win $50, players must have a pocket pair in their hand.
• The Multiplier: Qualify between Monday (9 a.m.) through Sunday (11:59 p.m.). Each week players earn hours of live poker play. Based on how many hours you play, you can earn 2X, 3X or 4X on promotional payouts for that week. Each minimum qualifying hours for Player Multiplier to start. See Poker Room for full details.
• Sundays 10 a.m. Super Stack: $65 buy-in gets $10,000 t-chips; 20 minute blind levels, players may enter in until the end of first break.
• Deep Stack Tournaments: Friday & Saturday (7 p.m.)—$75 buy-in gets $15,000 t-chips; 20 minute blind levels, players may enter in until the end of first break.
• Monday through Friday Morning Tournaments: Monday-Friday (10 a.m.), $45 buy-in gets $4,000 t-chips; players can re-enter until end of the first break.
• Sunday through Thursday Nightly Tournaments: Sunday-Thursday (7 p.m.), $65 buy-in gets $4,000 t-chips; 20 minute blind levels, players can re-enter until end of the first break.
• Saturday Super Stack Tournament: Saturdays (10 a.m.), $55 buy-in gets $10,000 t-chips; 20 minute blind levels; players can re-enter until end of the first break.

Harrah’s Poker Promotions
Must have a Caesars Rewards card to be eligible for all promotions.
• Race to Rewards: Top 10 players with over 150 hours of cash play will receive free entry into Harrah’s Laughlin Quarterly Tournament where they will have a chance to win $10,000 main event WSOP seat; players earn hours Oct. 1-Jan. 1, Jan. 2-April 1, April 2-July 1 and July 2-Oct. 1.
• Big-O and Big-O Limit: Omaha Hi-Lo played with five cards; structures offered include 3/6 limit, 4/8 limit and pot limit; Quads, Straight Flushes and Royal Flushes promotions 7 days a week; see Poker Room for complete details.
• Aces Cracked: (24/7), same color hole card aces lose gets $50.
• Rolling High Hands Days: Sunday-Wednesday, $100 (noon-2 p.m.); $100 (2 p.m.-4 p.m.); $100 (4 p.m.-6 p.m.); $100 (6 p.m.-8 p.m.); $100 (8 p.m.-10 p.m.); if players don’t qualify for a session then the money rolls over to next session.
• Straight Flushes: (24/7), each straight flush pays $100 (must use two hole cards).
• Quads: (24/7), each four-of-a-kind pays $50; quads must be made with two hole cards and two cards on the board.



The Riverside Resort poker room is located at the northeast corner of the casino next to the River Bar. The room offers impressive views of the river and surrounding mountains thanks to a floor to ceiling glass wall. Ten tables offering all limits of Texas Hold ‘em and Omaha. Six flat screen TVs. For further information, see the poker room podium or call the Riverside Resort at 702-298-2535 or 928-763-7070 and ask for poker room.

Riverside Resort Poker Tournaments
• Daily Turbo Tournaments: Daily (10 a.m.), No Limit Hold ’em; $18 buy-in, 3,500 starting chips; $15 unlimited re-buys first two levels; $15 optional add-on of 5,000 extra chips at end of second level.
• Poker Night Out: Sunday, Monday and Wednesday (7 p.m.), No Limit Hold ’em on Sunday/Monday; Omaha H/L on Wednesday; $35 buy-in gets 5,000 starting chips; single $10 add-on first hour receives 5,000 additional chips. Special $200 house add-on Monday nights.
• Friday Night Deep Stack: Weekly (7 p.m.), No Limit Hold ’em, $50 buy-in gets 15,000 starting chips; single add-on anytime first hour for $10 receive 10,000 additional chips. Special $200 house add-on.
• Saturday Night Poker Classic: House adds $300 to prize pool, weekly (7 p.m.), No Limit Hold ’em; $65 buy-in, 15,000 starting chips; single $20 add-on first hour receives an additional 10,000 chips.
• $1,000 King of Kings Survivor Tournament: Tuesday and Thursday (7 p.m.), Sunday (3 p.m.); No Limit Hold ’em; starting chips and bonus chips earned through live play during regular poker room hours, details in room; optional $15 add-on gets additional 5,000 starting chips; All surviving players with chips that reach the final table split the money evenly; tables go hand for hand at 12 players. See Poker Room for complete details.

Riverside Resort Poker Promotions
• Power Hour: Daily (11 a.m.-noon; 8 p.m.-9 p.m.; midnight-1 a.m.), mixed aces and mixed quads pay triple.
• Counterfeit Quads: (24/7), Omaha players holding pocket four of a kind at showdown after conclusion of all betting rounds receive a $100 rack of chips; see Poker Room for details.
• Dead Man’s Hand: (24/7), Hold ’em player who gets the “Dead Man’s Hand” of pair of aces and eights (all black) wins $100; must be best five cards, at least one key card in the hole and both hole cards.
• Aces Cracked: (24/7), mixed aces $25; same color aces $50.
• $300 Super Red Aces Cracked: Two sessions daily, extra session Thursday night.
• $150 Red Aces Cracked: Two sessions daily.
• Four–of-a-Kind Bonuses: (24/7), mixed quads $25; same color quads $50.
• High Hand Payouts: (24/7), royal flush $300; straight flush $100.
• Progressive Bad Beat Jackpot: (24/7), loser of qualifying hand wins 40% of posted meter; winner of qualifying hand wins 20%; remaining 40% paid to all other players at the table.
See Poker Room for details on all promotions.