Slot Seekers

The scenery in certain spots in the Southwest can seem like you have been transported to a dreamland. One such area is Kanab, Utah, sandwiched between the Grand Canyon’s North Rim and Bryce Canyon National Park. It is also in close proximity to national monuments, including Grand Staircase-Escalante and Vermillion Cliffs.
So it is no wonder why one of the premier tour companies in Kanab chose the name Dreamland Safari Tours. This company was created in 2001 to offer guest adventures to the amazing Southwest wilderness, in areas that require off-road driving that visitors may not be able to maneuver on their own.
Dreamland specializes in creating the best possible trips by seeking out incredibly scenic spots that are also more remote, to give guests an unforgettable experience without being crowded by hundreds of other travelers.
The flagship tour is to Peekaboo Slot Canyon, which is a great alternative to the popular Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona, which is currently closed. Peekaboo offers the same stunning twists and turns of bright orange sandstone, but with much fewer tourists than Antelope typically would see.
Flowing water carved the canyon, leaving sweeping wave-like lines across the canyon walls. A fiery glow reflects off of these walls in the afternoon sunlight and the contrasting shadows and light streams make for awe-inspiring pictures. It is a dream come true for photographers as you turn each corner of the narrow canyon to find another uniquely stunning sight.
Dreamland offers a few different variations of the Peekaboo Slot Canyon tour including additional stops at the White Wave, a dinosaur track site or a sunset over Zion National Park from atop Red Knoll.
All of the Peekaboo tours include transportation directly to the slot canyon, which includes a 4-mile stretch over a sand BLM route. Leave it to the guides to expertly maneuver the trail so you can just sit back and enjoy the ride. Once at the slot canyon, it is an easy 1-mile walk in and back on flat sandy terrain.
To capture the best lighting for photos in the winter, a midday tour is suggested. In the summertime, early morning or late afternoon produces the best light to catch the contrasting shadows and highlights of the canyon.
Each corner turned will present a new angle and aspect with varying streams of light and color for fantastic photo opportunities all along the way. Guests have plenty of time in the canyon to hang back and capture every moment at their leisure. It is an optimal outdoor adventure for every age.
Dreamland also offers tours of the Paria Canyon-Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness Area, just across the border from Kanab in northern Arizona. The Wave is a world-renowned natural beauty replicating an ocean wave, but with striking orange layers of sandstone. Tours to the Wave require a special permit that must be acquired before booking.
White Pocket is another available destination in the Vermillion Cliffs area that showcases a variety of odd rock formations sprouting from the ground and small pools of water that reflect the scenery. White Pocket is a very remote area, which is best accessed from a guided tour.
The Grand Canyon, Grand Staircase-Escalante and Marble Canyon are additional locations offered. Dreamland will also customize private tours to fit your schedule and hit all of the landmarks important to your group.
The regular day tours range from 3-10 hours, but there are also a few overnight and multi-day camping trips. Serious photographers may want to get in on an overnight White Pocket photography tour to capture sunset, nighttime and sunrise shots of the area. Occasionally a special workshop tour is also offered with a professional photographer giving tips on camera settings and shooting the nighttime sky.
For avid hikers, there is the Buckskin Gulch backpacking tour through the longest slot canyon in North America, or a hiking bootcamp, covering 20-30 miles to several destinations. Visit to check out all of the tours.
There are several other points of interest around Kanab, like the Cottonwood Canyon scenic drive, Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park and Moqui Cave museum.
Kanab is also known as “Little Hollywood” due to the plethora of movies filmed in the area like “The Outlaw Josey Wales” and “Point Break.” Check out Little Hollywood Land’s free museum to walk through the film sets that were left behind and other historical relics.