Something to Celebrate

Laughlin is sending the holidays off with a bang as the Laughlin Tourism Commission hosts two nights of Rockets over the River. The fireworks displays will take place at 7 p.m. NV time on Friday, Dec. 25 and midnight NV time on New Year’s Eve.
This pyrotechnics show is long awaited as the LTC had to cancel the annual Fourth of July display due to COVID-19 and store the cannons. However, the delay now makes a fun event to bring some extra cheer to Laughlin over the holidays. With the extra time, all agencies involved have been able to coordinate the event with public safety as a top priority.
“We’re not replacing the Fourth of July fireworks, we just had to move them down the road a bit this year,” LTC President and CEO Jackie Mazzeo said. “I think everybody is looking forward to getting the family out of the house on Christmas night and New Year’s Eve. Of course we’re not promoting any tailgate parties — don’t have any parties out in the middle of the desert. We still want people to socially distance and enjoy the fireworks for what they are. The motto is mask up, back up and wash up.”
The LTC is partnering with world-renowned Zambelli Fireworks to set off the display.
“Zambelli is a really old pyrotechnics company and they’ve developed some great burning methods — a pink is a pink, a yellow is a yellow and a green is a green — and you normally don’t see those in fireworks but they’ve come up with a new science of the heat and longevity of the burn to make the colors distinct,” Mazzeo said.
“Not only that, but they are really easy to work with and the team is the same every year. They’re just really good to us and it’s a great partnership. It’s fun to have them on board — those guys want to shoot some fireworks really bad!”
The Christmas display will run about 18 minutes and includes 1,970 total shots, with 369 shells just for the finale. The Christmas display will be set to traditional and fun Christmas music that can be heard on Murphy Broadcasting’s 104.9 KISS FM.
“The fact that we can add Christmas music so kids can sing along while they’re watching the fireworks — that really warms my heart,” Mazzeo said.
The New Year’s Eve show will be about 22 minutes and includes 3,500 total shots with 835 of those just for the grand finale! This display will be choreographed to patriotic music on 104.9 KISS FM, as we say goodbye to 2020.
Both displays are shot off from the Arizona side of the Colorado River, across from the Pioneer.
“The fallout zone is 2,000 feet outside of the detonation site, which is the Laughlin property across the street from the old post office on Highway 95, just south of Home Depot,” Mazzeo said. “So that whole section right there is the fallout zone for the rockets and its aftermath, but anywhere else where it’s not fenced you can view. We don’t want people four-wheeling onto airport land or private land but there are plenty of parking lots and public places where people can pull off.
“The Riverwalk will be closed to the public. Laughlin hotel guests can watch from their hotel room. If you are a local you can park anywhere and stay in your car and watch it from your car.”
This highly-anticipated production comes just in time to cap off the year with a good note.
“This particular event comes with great satisfaction and we have great confidence, not only in our out of town guests but in our community members who enjoy this event so much, that they will follow the rules,” Mazzeo said. “We hope that they enjoy the display and it takes their minds off of their stresses, even if it’s just for half an hour.”