Simple Fun

It is good to see more and more of Laughlin casino attractions coming back to life. Along that grain, Strike! Bowl within the Laughlin River Lodge has reopened.
Bowling lanes and food service in the fun, retro-fitted ’50s themed diner are back in operation, Sunday-Thursday, (10 a.m.-10 p.m.), and Friday-Saturday (10 a.m.-midnight).
Grab a milkshake from the diner and bowl a few sets, enjoying the nostalgia of simpler times with some simple fun.
Other portions of the area, like the children’s party area, PC gaming room and arcade, however, remain closed for the time being. Continue to check the Laughlin entertainer for evolving updates.
There are other ways to amuse children as well as adults in the General Store, a popular spot for visitors to the Laughlin River Lodge. The store is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. This massive space is filled with all kinds of amusements for every age.
What used to house a former lounge, nightclub, and bingo room now reflects ghost towns and mining operations with old gasoline pumps, wall murals and a boxed in waterway where kids can pan for gold. Adults can have as much fun with this activity as children. Keeping with the theme are geodes and geode slices and rocks to break to reveal crystals hidden inside.
In fact, a large portion of the store is dedicated to children with pint-sized tables and chairs for playing, reading and discovering. Just look up and the ceiling is filled with all shapes and sizes of colorful kites. And child-sized hard hats add to the fun.
Then there is the candy store for all ages with classics like stick candy, salt-water taffy and big lollypops, along with the trendy stuff like Nerd ropes and more. There are even some sugar-free options. Why not make a game out of sampling every flavor of individually wrapped taffy?
The adults are still front and center in this store with all kinds of items filling the shelves, from adult alcoholic beverages, to pet-themed merchandise and accessories and more. There’s also men and women’s apparel, jewelry, hats, scarves, handbags and other accessories for all ages, along with home decor, cookbooks with a Southwestern theme and gourmet food items. Items rotate on a seasonal basis, so be on the look out for new, fun things that maybe weren’t there the last time you were there.
Maybe you’ve scored a hotel room with a great big tub that begs a good soak. The General Store has an abundance of skin care and bath products to accommodate a relaxing and therapeutic dip in silky waters. Add a few candles for a romantic night in.
Snacks include hot dogs, huge pretzels, donuts, popcorn, and more. Talk about putting itself out there, the glass-front display cases at the entrance greet all, with a large assortment of all things sweet and delicious — large chocolate dipped marshmallows, different flavors of fudge and chocolate covered apples, along with pastries, muffins, cupcakes and more.
There is also seating for those diners grabbing a bite or a beverage at the snack bar to sit, relax and enjoy their food.
So next time people need a diversion, why not take a stroll through the Laughlin River Lodge and see what strikes your fancy or tempts those taste buds.