Game Night

Fun for all can be had at one of J&J Events unique outings that bring friends together for game nights, scavenger hunts, murder mysteries and more!
Tri-state local, Jessica Tary has been providing the area with entertainment through her special events business for more than three years. Her experience hosting these events for private parties stems back further.
“I have put on murder mystery events for friends and families for 10 years now,” Tary said. “It was at a personal party that friends were complaining there weren’t enough fun activities to do in the area and told me I should do these as a business.”
Tary started J&J Events in April 2017, beginning with murder mystery events, then adding bar crawl scavenger hunts and mystery pub trivia nights, which have all become a success with locals.
“When I decided to start this business I had no idea what to expect or what the reaction from the community would be,” Tary said. “For the most part, the community has welcomed me with open arms. I have customers that have been with me since my very first event, and have since tried every type of event I offer.”
She is constantly evolving and adding new events to her calendar, like Teams Against Humanity, which she just started this month.
“It is basically a big team game night that will occur the first Friday of every month,” Tary said. “Teams will compete against each other and we will have judges who will be picking the best answers. The game for this night will rotate so it will not always be Cards Against Humanity. Each month we will pick a new adult-themed game and do a spin off of it to make it group friendly.”
This event is for ages 21 and over due to the adult themes.
Next month Tary is debuting two new game nights — one for singles and one for couples.
“Single in the City is a dating show style event,” Tary explained. “I’ve heard from many people that it is hard to be single in this area — hard to meet people without doing online dating. So I decided to create an event where all types of singles can come together and do a fun event and then mix and mingle afterwards.
“The concept is a 90’s style dating game show,” she continued. “There will be a male and female single contestant that will be drawn at random from all the singles. Then others will “compete” to win a dream date with them by answering questions that match up to what the contestant is looking for in a date. After the contest, I have a party planned that will include mini get to know you games to help facilitate singles interacting. For this event we are looking for singles who are 21 and older. We will divide them into age categories to have singles in all age ranges.”
Single in the City is tentatively set for Aug. 7 (6 p.m.-10 p.m.), and two weeks later will be Do You Even? A Game For Couples (both events pending due to government mandates).
“The Do You Even? A Game For Couples will be run similar to the singles event, but couples will compete to show how much they know about each other,” Tary said. “To be considered for this event you do have to be in a romantic relationship, however you do not need to be married. If you are the winning couple, you will receive a dream date!”
Tary currently is looking for sponsors for these dream dates.
“We have many amazing local businesses and I want to keep everything local,” she said.
Another of her events that took off this year is Team Feud, a take on the popular Family Feud game show. This one is family friendly for teens and older, and runs the last Thursday of every month.
The mystery pub trivia is a weekly event, hosted at 6:30 p.m. every Thursday at the Miracle Mile Event Center. All of Tary’s events are now hosted at this venue inside the Mohave Shrine Club at 2580 Miracle Mile in Bullhead City. Seating will be limited to allow for social distancing, so presale tickets to her events will be available online at
For trivia, teams of one to five people compete in six rounds of random questions with a cash prize for the winning team.
“We never repeat the same questions, especially since we have had teams with us since day one, so I am always trying to come up with fun and new categories and questions,” Tary said. “We just began a new tournament and new teams are still welcome to join in that tournament. There will be a large tournament pot at the end (ends in October), around $1,000, depending on how many teams participate.”
The cost is $5 per person at the door; food and beverages are available for purchase. The event is for ages 21 and older.
Aside from the mystery pub trivia, naughty trivia nights are a spicy version Tary offers on the last Friday of every month.
“These trivia nights have been very popular, it’s the night where anything goes,” Tary said. “The trivia usually revolves around a sexual and naughty nature. We also play games and give out a ton of door prizes.”
Her murder mysteries will be coming back later this year. They are like a live action detective game, where all guests are suspects. Step out of your comfort zone for a night and become a character in the case, working with the other guests to solve clues and figure out “whodunit.”
The bar crawl scavenger hunts involve teams of two-six people scouring the Laughlin strip to complete tasks, photographing the completion as evidence and having a few drinks along the way.
The variety of Tary’s events make them popular amongst all ages, and most customers keep returning for more as each night is different with unique themes and activities. Providing enjoyment is her main focus and she absolutely delivers.
“Each event is popular in its own way and with different guests,” Tary said. “I have strived to make every age (adults) feel welcome at my events. Whether you are 18 or 80, I’ve got something for you.
“When you walk into a trivia night you will see a little of everything. When you walk into a murder mystery, you will see a little of everything and even at our bar crawl scavenger hunts you will see all age ranges. I think that is one of the best things about our area — young and mature can mingle together and have fun!”
Her events are planned down to every last detail, making them a hit on every occasion and her efforts have been recognized at the Community Achievement Awards. Last year she won Entrepreneur of the Year, and the prior year she was a finalist in the category.
“I just love what I do and I look forward to being able to grow and offer more to our community,” Tary said.
Visit her website for a full listing of upcoming events, and follow J&J Events on Facebook for the latest updates.