Meet the Manager — Manny Sabori

The Avi Resort & Casino has it all — gaming, dining, kids activities, a pool, beach and movie theater. All of these outlets are opportunities for Marketing Director Manny Sabori to promote the “ultimate fun” found at the property.
Sabori is an Arizona native, graduating from Northern Arizona University with a business degree. He has been in the gaming industry for 15 years, working in marketing at Gila River Enterprises and Fort McDowell before joining the Avi team in October.
“I worked in the enterprise world right out of college and didn’t think I was going to be in the gaming world, but I got invited by Gila River to join them in the marketing department and then once there, I ended up loving gaming,” Sabori said. “I wanted to help tribal nations — my ultimate goal was to stay in gaming to help native communities because seeing what gaming has been able to do with helping through healthcare, education, overall living, and seeing what I can contribute, I figured that my goals and my skills and education could help bring those achievements within their own enterprises or their own tribe.“
The move to Laughlin gave Sabori a new challenge and opportunity to thrive in a competitive market.
“I love how competitive it is, and that it has a taste and feel of Vegas that you can’t get in Phoenix,” Sabori said. “You have roulette and you have craps, which Phoenix doesn’t have. I think the casinos take it to whole new level here because of the different amenities. So in Laughlin we have full-scale movie theaters, you have bowling, you have different forms of entertainment all in one location or even one casino.
“The other part of it too, is in the Laughlin market you have so many people from outside, so you get to capture the California market, you get to capture the Nevada market and you get to capture the Arizona market, all in one location,” he continued. “So when you market, you have to strategize because you have to capture every single opportunity of gamer, whether they are a retiree, whether they are new to gaming, whether they want to come to Laughlin for the first time — you have all of those opportunities, and yet if they are contemplating whether to go to Vegas or Phoenix, they have somewhere better to come, because they have a taste of both right here in Laughlin.”
That opportunity is also his greatest challenge, finding the right balance to appease each different kind of guest and draw their attention to the Avi.
“I think the biggest challenge of my role is to try to find an equilibrium,” Sabori said. “Because you’re dealing with so much competition, you have to provide that ‘wow.’ You have to provide that reason why they should come to the Avi, versus the other big properties around here. And I think we do that by providing better promotions and better entertainment, and by providing promotions throughout the week — the Avi has something every day to keep the player’s interest.
“I think the Avi separates itself too, because we have the Mojave Crossing where we host amazing annual rodeos and bull riding events, along with our annual Tri-state Community Christmas event that is open to the public, so I think that’s something that piques guests’ interests from so many different venues besides just gaming.
“Not only do we have it all, but you will experience the greatest gaming experience and the ultimate fun while you are here,” he said. “So not only do you have time to game, but you have time to relax. And you have fun with the different restaurants that we have, relaxing by the pool, we have the best beach — so you can have a full-fledged weekend of fun here and get away from it all.”
Sabori aims to please, because seeing his guests enjoying themselves is the ultimate reward.
“I love it when guests are happy and having fun — when they are on the gaming floor and you see that ‘wow,’ you see that excitement, you see that ‘I have every reason I want to come back to the Avi,’” he said. “So I love giving guests the best gaming experience they possibly could have. If the guests are having fun, that’s my most favorite part of it too.”
The Avi welcomed Sabori into the family, just as they do all of their guests as well.
“I’ve had the greatest experience at the Avi,” he said. “You know having the opportunity to work at a few casinos, I can say that the Avi truly does feel and work as a family in all departments. We’re all here as one, and I really have to say that all of the employees here are very happy to work together.
“And I think that’s what is key about the Avi, when the guest arrives, they really feel that they are greeted, accepted and welcomed, no matter where you go throughout the property,” he said. “And that is hard to find in the gaming industry, that you are coming to a place where you are really appreciated.”