Meet the Manager – Marie Myers

Nothing is more exciting than hearing “B5” called out and checking off the final square on your ticket so you can proudly yell out “bingo!” Tons of players choose this gambling game because of the excitement and anticipation, challenging patterns, fun promotions and value for their money.
Tropicana Bingo Manager Marie Myers is responsible for making the game enticing and enjoyable at her property, which has been voted the best bingo hall in Laughlin four years running in the Mohave Valley Daily News Best Of readers’ poll.
Myers has been the bingo manager since they opened bingo at the Tropicana about six years ago. She was an avid player, so she brought her experience to the other side of the game, creating programs and patterns that will be fun for guests.
She grew up in Southern California and has lived on both coasts, but has been a Bullhead City local since 1979.
She has been in the casino industry for 14 years and loves her position at the Trop because of the family atmosphere.
“The best thing is that if I want to talk to the general manager I can,” Myers said. “He’s very friendly, very open and it’s like one big giant family. It’s almost like a work chart that goes straight across rather than up and down. Everybody is here to do a job and nobody is higher than anybody else, we just have different responsibilities.”
One of her responsibilities is keeping the game fresh and fun with different bingo promotions all year. When Myers is planning patterns and programs, the player experience is always top of mind.
“I base a lot of what I put into the programs on how is it going to look to the player and what is the best deal for the money,” Myers said. “We have the highest payout for the pack buy-in that you can get. If you want to play, it’s the best value for the buck.
“I do all of the programs and promotions and I create patterns that go with the themes of our bingo bashes. I like to make it so that it’s interesting to the guest, and it’s fun for me to create it and see how it’s perceived and accepted. Some patterns are more challenging, but the payouts are higher then.”
There are seven bingo sessions every day, and eight on Saturday, because of an additional late-night session. Sessions are every other hour on the odd hours starting at 9 a.m.
“Our late-night bingo, crazy double rainbow, plays on Saturday nights at 11 p.m. with black lights, laser lights and all electronic games, so you can visit, play, listen to music and do whatever you want without having to concentrate solely on the game. So it get’s a little crazier,” Myers said.
The electronic bingo boards notify players when their numbers are called and when they are getting close to a bingo. This allows guests to sit back and relax without worrying about missing a number, especially if they are watching several cards at a time.
Of course there are still paper cards available for all of the daily sessions for those players who want the satisfaction of marking the spaces themselves with their favorite-colored dobber. Dobbers are for sale within the bingo hall.
Two of Myers’ year-round promotions are the lava ball and beachcomber bonuses.
“They’re not just playing bingo, there’s always extra incentives and promotions going on,” Myers said. “On Tuesdays and Wednesdays we have the lava ball, which is a bonus they can get just for having a players card and buying the power ball for that session. If they bingo on that number, they win $1,000.
“We have the beachcomber bonus on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The first single winner of the session is the beachcomber and they receive free slot play. If they bingo again during the session, everybody in the room gets free slot play.”
The next bingo bash is Christmas themed and will be held at 3 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 14. Myers said the bashes are popular because they feature higher payouts, with two games paying $500 and the coverall is a guaranteed $1,000 prize.
Myers said guests are also loving the Tropicana’s newly remodeled bingo hall.
“It was very crowded before in that little Santa Fe room,” Myers said. “There were 80 chairs in there, but if we had 40 people in the room it looked like there was nowhere to sit. We’ve been in this new room for almost a year now and it’s been a very positive impact, with lots of positive comments from our players.”
The new room can accommodate 200 players and it features a complimentary beverage bar with coffee, soda and coming soon will be cappuccinos.
To check out all of the programs offered for the week, stop by the bingo room and head to the Information Center by the counter, which holds printouts with all of the different patterns coming up.