Shop ‘Til You Drop

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, even though Halloween hasn’t arrived and calendar pages were just flipped to October a few days ago. But none of that is the reason for the success of one of the most anticipated annual events, “Girls Day Out.”
Let’s face it, girls like to shop, pure and simple so they really don’t need a reason to attend the event, they do simply because they learn about new products, educate themselves on the latest trends, and it happens to be a fun way to spend the day.
Girls come out in droves, to experience the large variety under one roof. It saves a lot of shoe leather and shoppers just never know what they’ll find. It is a place where the unexpected, innovation and creativity collide, a place to indulge the thrill of the hunt to find something fun and unique. Add some of your best friends and it’s more than shopping — it’s an adventure as well as quality time spent with your gal pals.
Vendors aren’t limited to only shoes, bags, things that sparkle and those that smell nice.
There are also items that appeal to men who like to see what’s new in the world of goods and services.
There is the combination of visitors who converge on a casino town like Laughlin (especially when Keith Urban and Kelsea Ballerini are in town) and the number of locals who just love the opportunity for new shopping options.
The 10th annual “Girls Day Out,” presented by Cameron Broadcasting, takes place in the Aquarius Casino Resort Pavilion and lobby area on Saturday, Oct. 6 (9 a.m.-5 p.m.) and admission is free. Everyone 18 and older also receives a free raffle ticket when they enter the event.
A “less is more” philosophy is in play this year, making the event more crowd-friendly and maneuverable, according to Chris Jaeger, VP of marketing for Cameron Broadcasting.
“Right now I have 85 vendors with five pending, so I’d say 90 is pretty close to where we are,” she said. “We purposely downsized a little this year. We always talk to our vendors afterward and ask, ‘what do you think, what can we do next year that would help you more, do you have any suggestions,’ and overwhelmingly, we heard it was too chaotic last year. We had some 35 or 40 booths outside the pavilion and we had a lot of people say it was just kind of crazy.
“So what we did this year, is we moved ourselves (Cameron Broadcasting’s booth) out before you even get into that area, so people can get a raffle ticket very easily and they can get information about what’s inside. We’re actually before the entrance doors, but way out in the hallway.
“Then we limited it,” she added. “I think I put 15 people max out into the lobby. That’s it. Once we get to that we’re not going to sell any more, which pains me to say.
“We also have to do it according to fire safety guidelines, but still it was just too chaotic last year. I like things calmer, more sedate, and I think our shoppers do too. It was a bit much to take in, and some of our vendors feel like when you have so much, their sales flounder a little. So we don’t want that.
“We have people who come back every year and enjoy it, so we wanted to make it a better experience for everyone.”
While there will be fewer vendors this year, the variety of vendors remains huge.
“This year, I gotta tell you, we have more different types of products than we’ve ever had before. We’ll still have some returning clients, but we have a lot of new people too. It’s very exciting.
“One of the new products, that’s the big hot thing is permanent makeup,” Jaeger said. “I’ve had several friends do it and it’s unbelievable. Now the process is so much better. I have a friend in her 70s who had her eyebrows done and they look fabulous.
“That’s just one new thing but there are lots of great booths we had last year that are coming back like Baby Glitz,” she added. “There’s just a lot of great stuff and some of our vendors are amazing.”
One of the most unique items is a “Traveling Vineyard.”
“She’s selling wine parties,” she said. “They offer in-home wine tastings, so that’s pretty different.
“It’s just a really good sampling of leggings, and clothes, and makeup and jewelry. Then there’s a lot of
country-western home accessories and decorations, so I think that will be good because of the Keith Urban concert. It kind of goes hand-in-hand.
“We are gonna have the Vegas2U digital photography booth that was very popular last year,” Jaeger added. “People get to choose digitally what hats they want to wear, what things they want in the photo and it’s really cool. It’s going to be right at the entrance to the pavilion. It was pretty popular last year, and I think it will be even more so this year.”
Another popular display returning is Innovative Health & Wellness, one of the event’s anchor sponsors along with Suddenlink.
“Innovative Health & Wellness have three locations in the Tri-state now and it does every kind of facial and beauty and medical and spa-type treatments,” she said. “They’re going to be a big part of what’s going on because they bring all their equipment and they actually do displays and people get to test it out and they get to see what it’s like.
“She’ll bring all the cool sculpting stuff and she does all sorts of demonstrations and that kind of thing is what people come for, to see how things work that they don’t know anything about.”
Jaeger said a couple of shops from the Laughlin mall will have displays and more new displays include ZippNada, a zero waste retailer and so much more.
“I am a strong proponent of less is more,” she added. “But there will a huge variety of stuff, it’s just a little more organized.”
A new contest takes place at this year’s event.
“What we’re going to do is a selfie contest,” she said. “There will be two places they can do it, one of them is at our booth and one of them will be the digital photography booth. That way they can take pictures — and we get a lot of people who want to do stuff like that — and afterwards they can go on our Facebook page, which is girlsday outlaughlin, and we’re gonna have them post their pictures. Then we’re gonna give a prize to the winner. I think it will be really cool and they can post right on the Facebook page.”

As always, raffle prizes will be given away.
“We’re going to do one big raffle this year and it’s gonna be at 1:30 p.m.,” Jaeger said. “I think doing them all at the same time will help and you have to be present to win. It’s good for the vendors and it’s good for the people.
“Giveaways include three-day, two-night stays at the Aquarius, Rascal Flatts tickets, four-packs of family tickets to the movies, zipline tickets, in addition to the other things we have,” she added. “I think it will go a little faster and won’t be so drawn out.”
The event is very kid-friendly, so all ages are welcome to attend.
“We’re also going to do selfies with our DJs. They’re all going to be there at one time or another, they’re scheduled all day long, but mostly in the afternoon because that’s when the giveaways are.
“We look forward to this event every year. Come out, say hello and most important, have a lot of fun.”
For more information on “Girls Day Out,” contact Cameron Broadcasting at 928-763-5586.

Participating businesses include:
JEWELRY: Bring On The Bling; Miramar Jewelry; Bling; Dazzle With Debra; Jewelry DeZines; Hawaiian Jewelry HDH; Lulu Lush Jewelry; Hawaiian Jewelry HDH; Paparazzi Jewelry; Parklane Jewelry; Carol’s Gems and Minerals; Magnolia & Vine; J&K Pearl Parties; Premier Designs.
HEALTH & BEAUTY: Younique; Beauty Inspired Wigs; Rodan + Fields; LipSense; DoTerra; Savon Bath Treats; Glitz Salon; Tan On!; Color Street; Permanent Makeup by Jesse; Sugar Sparkled Kisses; Arbonne; My Doctor Posh; Exotic Healing Gardens; Humana; Thrive by Le-Vel; Real Time Pain; Glam RN.
CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES: Raeanne’s Timeless Fashions; Mermaid Tails; Hungry Horse Cowgirl Bling; Sterling Leather Company; Comfortably Chic – Lularoe; Baby Glitz; CharlieBees Closet; Mommy 2 Sweet; Buskin Leggings; Bon Worth.
HOME DECOR/KITCHEN: Custom Desert Arts & Crafts; Origami Owl; Stampin’ Up; Olde Vineyard Charm; Earth Art Minerals; Horse Iron Creations; Flicker & Flair; AZ Girl Creations; Scentsy; Southwest Rustics; Dottie’s Creations; Pampered Chef; ZippNada.
MISCELLANEOUS: Nothing But Air; Leyann Arbor, author; Dzilth T’aa Nii Creations; Aquarius Casino Resort; Laughlin Library; Damsel in Defense; Ganache ‘a Trois; Mr. Fudge; Unlimited Solutions; Boys & Girls Club; Anvenve; A2Z Products; Vegas2U; Traveling Vinyard; Aquatic Pools; Anderson Auto Group; A & C Productions; Wells Fargo Bank; Valley View Medical Center; LJ Dare, author; Sacred Space; AT&T Mobility; Let’s Celebrate Mobile DJ; Suddenlink; Veterans Services; Affordable Dental; and Lion City 2.


Aquarius Pavilion

Saturday, Oct. 6 (9 a.m.-5 p.m.)

Free admission