Chill Out!

Looking for any and every way to beat the heat this summer as temperatures continue to soar? Chill from the inside out with a frozen cocktail. We sampled booze-infused slushies at the Laughlin resorts and compiled a list of our favorites to help you cool down and catch a buzz by the pool, Riverwalk or from the air-conditioned comfort of the casino.

The Cove — Aquarius
Mango Madness: This sweet and salty frozen margarita is made with tequila, mango puree, triple sec and chamoy syrup. Chamoy is a fermented fruit sauce with chile powder that has a savory and slightly spicy taste. It adds a special flavor kick that complements the mango.
Blue Margarita: This Cove cocktail is made with a blended mix of tequila, blue curacao and sweet and sour mix, topped with a mint leaf and blueberries. It’s sweet, light and refreshing after a day out under the sun.

Pool Bar — Tropicana
Mango Tango: This frozen specialty mixes all the fruity flavors together for a tropical treat. It is a combination of Malibu mango rum, strawberry tropical mix and orange juice.
Weekend at the Beach: This one is like a frozen fuzzy navel with a twist — it includes Malibu pineapple rum, peach Schnapps, pineapple juice and orange juice.
These drinks are also available at the Frozen Bar by the lobby from 3 p.m.-8 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. You can purchase the slushies in a yard souvenir cup to take home as well.

Bourbon Street — Laughlin River Lodge
Dreamsicle: Out of the 12 flavors of frozen daiquiris on the Bourbon Street menu, we sampled the Dreamsicle, with whipped cream vodka and Red Bull Orange Edition. You can’t go wrong with this cocktail that tastes just like an orange Creamsicle ice cream! As a bonus, all drinks purchased at Bourbon Street come with a token for every dollar spent to play the arcade games within the casino.

Fat Tuesday — Riverside
Riverside Resort’s South Tower Bar serves up a variety of boozy smoothies that are part of the popular Fat Tuesday chain. They offer five flavors that rotate out for additional seasonal favorites. Right now they have lime margarita, strawberry, mango, pina colada, and hurricane. We tried the “Big Stick,” a best seller that is a mix of mango and hurricane.
The slushies come in five different sizes: the 10-ounce glass with one shot of liquor, 16-ounce glass with two shots, 24-ounce glass with three shots, 32-ounce glass with four shots, or you can be set for the day with the 100-ounce yard that comes with 12 shots of liquor! Once you have chosen your slushy flavor and glass size, you can pick your poison between tequila, vodka, or rum. If you’d like an extra kick in your cup you can add extra liquor for only $1 per additional shot.

El Burro Borracho — Harrah’s
Frozen Horchata Colada: You can find this cocktail on the menu under the “Borracho Brain Freezes.” It’s a specialty you won’t find anywhere else, with Bacardi rum, coconut, pineapple, vanilla and cinnamon. It’s like a sweet, cold, creamy dessert served in an oversized martini glass, with the cinnamon and coconut blend coming through strong. It’s not hard to down a couple of these cocktails and you will cool off quickly.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. — Golden Nugget
Frozen Margarita: Bubba Gump’s serves up three fantastic flavors of frozen margaritas — strawberry, mango and watermelon. We chose the watermelon, which is made with a house margarita mix, Agave Gold Tequila, and watermelon syrup. You get to take a souvenir shaker home with you when you order one of these margs as well. Sit out on the Bubba Gump patio and sip away your summer blues!