Meet the Manager: Tim Abrams

Tim Abrams has been the Vice President of Food and Beverage at the Aquarius Casino Resort since 2014, but his history with the property stems back more than 25 years.
Abrams was born in San Luis Obispo, Calif., but grew up in Mohave Valley, graduating from Mohave High.
After high school he worked as a cook at the Edgewater, then took a position at the Pioneer, becoming a sous chef at 19 years old. From there he went to Sam’s Town Gold River (now the Laughlin River Lodge).
In June of 1990 he was hired as sous chef at the Flamingo Hilton (now the Aquarius), which was opening that year.
“The Hilton was a great company, and that was a great experience opening up a hotel. It was a lot of work, a lot of hours, but something I will always remember,” Abrams said.
After being hired on at the Hilton, he was chosen as one of two chefs in the area to receive special culinary training. Hilton sent him to various cities around the country to learn the latest tricks of the trade, which he would teach to his team upon his return.
The property underwent several different owners until it’s current operation as the Aquarius, now under Golden Entertainment Inc.
Abrams also went through a few different positions. He was asked to take on the role of pastry chef, and with a background in art, he quickly picked up the decorating and sugar work. He began competing nationally as a patissier, and won a variety of ribbons between 1997-2002, including a third place finish.
Another art Abrams specializes in is ice carving. He found he had a talent for sculpting after a training during his time at the Pioneer. He has entered ice sculptures in the Chef’s Food Fest competition, and keeps the art alive at the Aquarius. The sous chefs undergo special ice carving training, and you can find an ice sculpture at the Windows on the River Buffet every Friday night.
“I always thought that it was important that we always have someone trained in ice carving because it’s unique and there is a certain amount of talent that goes into it.” Abrams said.
After his stint as patissier chef, his position at the Aquarius progressed to assistant chef for a year and a half, and then executive chef for five years.
His current VP role coordinates all the restaurants and bars on property and oversees around 340 employees in the food and beverage department.
“I really enjoy taking a large group of individuals and accomplishing tasks within our food and beverage operation,” Abrams said. “It’s getting everyone marching in the same direction and carrying the same enthusiasm for holding our department to a high quality. We have a fantastic team.”
Although he is no longer a chef, Abrams’ influence can be found throughout the menus at the Aquarius restaurants. One upcoming change to the Vineyard’s menu he is excited for is a new seafood version of the “pollo de bella,” which will substitute lobster and shrimp for the chicken, and will be available on the menu soon.
With the construction of the Aquarius’ new pool last year, came the addition of the River’s Edge pool bar. Abrams said the project has proved very popular. The bar services the pool with food and beverages on one side, and also the Riverwalk on the other side.
Renovations to the Café Aquarius and the Vineyard are currently in the works. Abrams mentioned that the Aquarius’ new CEO has a background in food and beverage, and is a positive force for his department.
“I’m at the pinnacle of my career right now and I’m so lucky because I have such a wonderful team,” Abrams said. “I’m really excited with this new company— I see big things coming in the future for our program.”