Cosmic Creatures

We are not alone.
That is the message the upcoming Time For Truth, UFOs: Living La Vida Loca symposium will be conveying during their three-day event Friday-Sunday, Nov. 10-12 at the Aquarius Casino Resort.
Organized by Paola Harris of StarworksUSA, the event is hosted by Harris, along with Don Schmitt and Cheryll Jones, and includes 18 guest speakers who are experts in UFO research, exhibitors, and more.
According to Harris the weekend is about education in addition to exploring and developing individual spirituality, while indulging natural curiosities about what might be out there.
All activities take place upstairs in the Aquarius Ballroom, the Pisces Room on the same floor as the ballroom. Exhibitors will be set up in front of the ballroom in the lobby area.
Those who attend the symposium will be able to browse the vendor area on Friday-Saturday (7 a.m.-6 p.m.); and Sunday (8 a.m.-5 p.m.).

The Symposium Schedule:

Friday, Nov. 9
• Registration opens (7 a.m.), lobby;
• Introductory guided meditation led by Karen Gresham Nickell (8 a.m.) Pisces Room;
• Presentations (9 a.m.- 6 p.m.) Pavilion A — including welcome and introductions by Colin Andrews, event hosts and organizer; Gaia TV’s Regina Meredith “Bow to No One, Honor Everyone”; Don Schmitt “Roswell Revisited”; Grant Cameron “Alien Disclosure at Mt. Shasta”; Heather Arielle “Tools for Achieving Higher Consciousness.”
• “All You Can Eat Pizza” Lunch Buffet (optional)
• “Seeing Red” Cocktail Party with special guests George Noory and Tom Danheiser (6:30 p.m.), lobby;
• Film Screening with Reuben Langdon, documentary filmmaker, Outtakes from the Citizen Hearing.

Saturday, Nov. 10
• Registration opens (7 a.m.), lobby;
• “Experiencer” session lead by Gwen Farrell (8 a.m.), Pisces Room;
• Presentations (9 a.m.- 6 p.m.) Pavilion A — including Paola Harris’ “Cosmic Message and Consciousness”; Jaime Maussan, of Mexico, “Breaking News: The Latest UFO videos”; Haktan Akdogan, of Turkey, “The Importance of UFO Disclosure Worldwide”; Clifford Stone interviewed by George Noory; Sixto Paz Wells of Peru, (with translator Giorgio Piacenza “Contacto Extraterrestrie”; and Enrique Villanueva, of Peru.
• “All You Can Eat Taco Bar (optional)
• Dinner Gala with screening of Dr. Steven Greer’s film Unacknowledged (full attendance package only).

Sunday, Nov. 12
• “Experiencer” session lead by Gwen Farrell (8 a.m.), Pisces Room;
• Presentations and Panel (9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.) Ballroom Pavilion A — Karen Gresham Nickell guided meditation “Connecting to the Cosmos”; Clifford Stone interview by Grant Cameron; Andrea Perron “The Merging of Science and Spirituality”; Paul Davids “Living La Vida Loca”; Drs. J.J. and Desiree Hurtak “Understanding Our Cosmic Origins”; Panel — “Creating A New World, If You Can Take It”; Paola Harris’ Q&A session and closing remarks.
Cost and questions:
The Full Attendance package (includes Saturday dinner) $350; Presenters Only package is $150 for either a Friday pass (includes cocktail mixer) or Saturday pass (the most comprehensive) but does not include the dinner gala, or $300 for both days; Saturday dinner gala is $60; Two-day lunch buffet $50.
For more information or to register online, visit; contact:, or call 303-415-3900.


Aquarius Ballroom

Friday-Sunday, Nov. 10-12 (see story for full schedule)

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