London Calling

Itching to get on the Colorado River during your stay in Laughlin? The London Jet Boat is a great option to give you beautiful views of the scenery, staying dry and comfortable the entire time.
Trevor and Brea Chiodini, owners of Laughlin River Tours, offer this 6-hour trip beginning and ending in Laughlin with a stop at the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City. It makes pickups at the Edgewater, Pioneer, and Harrah’s docks.
The jet boat service has been in business for 19 years total, but the Chiodini’s have been running it for only the past year. Trevor drives the boat himself and shares a little history of the area along the way. He can navigate the boat in low tide, in as little as 13 inches of water! He makes it a fun trip for all and even invites his guests up to his control panel to take in the boat and views from the captain’s chair.
In the summer months there are no windows on the boat so it gets a bit breezy, but it provides some relief from the heat. Once the daytime temperatures drop below 80 degrees, Trevor said the windows go back up.
An interesting point of the trip is that passengers will get to cruise through three different states — Arizona, Nevada, and California. Along with the beautiful scenery, you also get a good view of some river front real estate, the Riverwalk, and the beaches and restaurants along it. It is quite a different experience than driving along the highway, which makes it a fun trip for locals as well.
Jet skis, kayaks and personal boats galore will be sharing the river during your ride, but everyone is quite friendly and usually waves as “Gravel Gerty” glides by.
The jet boat cruises along at a cool 42 mph, but there are a few no-wake zones where Trevor cuts the engine and the passengers get to stretch their legs, walk about the boat and take pictures. One such area is Topock Gorge, easily the most beautiful part of the ride.
Volcanic rock formations line both sides of the 17-mile gorge, and Trevor will point out the well-known formations, such as the “dragon’s eye,” along the way. Keep your eyes peeled for ancient Indian petroglyphs and possible wildlife while going through the gorge as well.
Aside from the gorge, passengers will get a view of Topock marsh, the I-40 overpass, the original Route 66 Bridge, Pirate Cove Resort and Marina, Topock 66 outpost, and more.
Once the boat makes its way through the gorge, you will be in Lake Havasu. The feature of the cruise, the London Bridge, is just ahead. To imagine that the bridge was taken apart piece by piece, numbered, and sent from London to Lake Havasu is remarkable! Once used to cross the River Thames, now to cross the Colorado. Developer Robert McCulloch purchased the bridge in 1968, the first load of blocks arrived later that year, the project was completed in 1970, and dedicated in 1971. Trevor will give you the full history of the bridge’s journey as you dock.
The boat arrives in Lake Havasu right around noon and there are plenty of great dining options just a few steps from the boat. We recommend a spunky Mexican restaurant called Javelina Cantina. The cantina serves up huge portions of fresh and flavorful Hispanic favorites, and offers indoor and outdoor seating with a beautiful view of the lake.
If you’re not feeling Mexican food, there is a great brewery and restaurant called Barley Brothers, Shugrue’s Fine Dining, and Makai Café for lighter options, all in the vicinity of the drop-off area.
You also may choose to spend part of your two-hour layover looking in the nearby shops and galleries, which along with the restaurants mentioned above, make up the Island Mall.
Of course you will want to walk across the bridge before you board the boat again, too!
The trip back is time to relax after lunch. Trevor saves a few tidbits of information for the return trip and you can take any pictures you may have missed on your side of the boat going down.
We recommend this trip as a relaxing day activity for singles, couples, or families. It’s a very smooth ride and doesn’t get boring, with plenty to see on the shorelines the entire ride. It’s enough to take up a day of your trip, yet return to Laughlin with ample time to make dinner plans or take in a show. We’d like to thank Trevor an Brea for letting us join them for a wonderful day on the river!
The jet boat runs six days a week, seven in the spring season. The Chiodinis‘ business also offers a variety of other cruises and events. Laughlin River Tours has a total 22 employees, spread across all of their different tours. Along with Trevor, Captain Jamie and Captain Art also drive the boats.
To make a reservation, visit or call 702-298-5498.