Talent Quest Karaoke Contest

The Tropicana Laughlin once again plays host to the 17th Annual Talent Quest National Karaoke Singing Contest, from September 10-16. While the event uses the name “National” in its title, it is actually an international contest seeing participants from all over trying to win part of the $25,800 in cash, trophies, prizes and recording studio time.
While most contestants have already qualified for entry into the contest (by winning local contests at clubs and bars around the globe), people can still enter through self-sponsorship—that is, you pay a $475 fee and receive entry into the contest plus a seven-night stay at the Tropicana. These entries are limited and approved on a first come, first served basis, and time is limited before the competition gets underway beginning Monday, September 11.
All contestants must be at least 21 years of age to participate. For more on this, email alan@talentquest.org.

The format…
The competition is divided into separate male and female divisions in three main categories: Pop/Rock; Country; and Masters (ages 50+). There is also a Duets category with no separate male and female divisions.
Each contestant can be entered in more than one category. Each category except Duets offers a first place prize of $2,500 plus trophy; 2nd place of $1,000 plus trophy; 3rd place of $500 plus trophy; 4th, $200 plus trophy; 5th, $100 plus trophy. A male and female overall winner is selected from the winners of all the categories who will receive additional prizes. Duets prize structure is based on number of entrants with an in-house entry fee for this category of $25.
There is also an overall “Performer/Entertainer of the Year Award” as selected by votes cast from other contestants and audiences during the week of competition.

How are they judged…
The judges for Talent Quest come from many different aspects of the arts and entertainment world. There are former vocal coaches, singers, songwriters and recording studio executives. They are all professionals and all know what sells. They will be judging each contestant in three categories:
•Vocal performance—intonation and pitch, strength and range of voice; how accurately the singer harmonizes with the music; the use of phrasing, diction and articulation; mic control (is the microphone your friend or enemy, that is, do you control it to eliminate distortion and regulate your vocal volume or do you let it ruin your set); how well the performer stays in tempo; breath control (proper duration of the notes);
•Stage presence—facial expression and body gestures; confidence and relaxation on stage; command of the audience; utilizing the stage during the performance; and
•Appearance—whether the performer’s outfit matches the song; professional look and style; is there a touch that elevates a contestant’s outfit from others.

The Schedule…
• Sun, Sept 10—contestant registration after 3 p.m., in the Coronado Room (next to the Pavilion Theater)

Pavilion Showroom
Mon, Sept 11—mandatory orientation (9 a.m.); Country Male Round 1 (noon); Masters Male Round 1 (4 p.m.); Pop/Rock Male Round 1 (8 p.m.);
Tues, Sept. 12—Country Female Round 1 (10 a.m.); Masters Female Round 1 (2 p.m.); Pop/Rock Female Round 1 (6 p.m.); Duets Round 1-first set of 10 (10 p.m.);
Wed, Sept. 13—Pop/Rock Male Round 2 (10 a.m.); Masters Male Round 2 (2 p.m.); Country Male Round 2 (6 p.m.); Duets Round 1-second set of 10 (10 p.m.);
Thurs, Sept. 14—Pop/Rock Female Round 2 (10 a.m.); Masters Female Round 2 (2 p.m.); Country Female Round 2 (6 p.m.); Duets Round 2-first set of 10 (10 p.m.);
Fri, Sept 15—Quarter Finals—Top 20 in each category: Masters Male (10 a.m.); Masters Female (noon); Country Male (2 p.m.); Country Female (4 p.m.); Pop/Rock Male (6 p.m.); Pop/Rock Female (8 p.m.); Duets Round 2-second set of 10 (10 p.m.);
Sat, Sept 16—Semi Finals—Top 10 in each category: Masters Male (10 a.m.); Masters Female (11 a.m.); Country Male (noon); Country Female (1 p.m.); Pop/Rock Male (2 p.m.); Pop/Rock Female (3 p.m.)
National Finals (7 p.m.).

There is no charge to attend the preliminary and semi-final rounds in the Pavilion. There is an admission charge of $12 plus taxes and fees (which comes out to about $15) for the Finals (7 p.m.) with tickets available at the Trop Box Office. Tickets will not be available at the Pavilion door.

Tango’s Lounge
In addition to the competition rounds going on in the Pavilion Theater, the Tropicana lounge, just off the main casino floor will be home to open mic karaoke throughout the run of the Talent Quest as follows:
•Mon and Thurs (2 p.m.-5 p.m. & 9 p.m.-2 a.m.); Tues and Wed (2 p.m.-2 a.m.)

For complete details, see talentquest.org. For self-sponsorship forms, email alan@talentquest.org

But wait, there’s more…
CoVeu Restaurant and Rhapsody Entertainment are partnering to co-sponsor a special showcase event for Talent Quest contestants.
They are hosting a special karaoke event on Sunday, Sept. 10 (5 p.m.-9 p.m.) at CoVeu, located at 2247 Clearwater in Bullhead City.
Karaoke will be open to everyone, but the event will feature contestants from Talent Quest.
For more information, call 928-234-1929.

Tropicana Pavilion Theatre
Mon-Sat, September 10-16. Free to view preliminary rounds; slight fee to view the finals