Meet the Manager: Jeremy Jenson

Just down the road from Las Vegas, Laughlin holds its own as a coveted destination, and for good reason. There are plenty of recreational opportunities, from off-road trails to the river, concerts and gambling. It’s a fun place with affordable prices and friendly faces. That’s why Jeremy Jenson chose to take his new role as senior vice president and general manager of the Aquarius and Edgewater casinos back in August.

“I love the people down here,” Jenson said. “I love the fact that we have team members that have been here for 30 years. I think that’s unique. People are proud to work here and are passionate about what they do. With the river and the entertainment we have down here, it’s just a neat area.”

Jenson has been a part of the Golden Entertainment family since 2006 and had always planned on a career in the casino industry.

“I’m from Michigan, a small town about an hour north of Detroit,” he said. “I grew up around a golf course and was always around older guys gambling, and that type of thing, so I was introduced to it at a young age and I always knew I wanted to come to Las Vegas and be in the gaming business.”

Therefore, Jenson went to college at Oakland University in Michigan and then St. Clair College in Windsor, Canada, for casino management. After finishing school, he made the move to Las Vegas and worked his way up the ranks.

“I came right to Vegas and started dealing craps,” Jenson said. “I first went to The Mirage and they said, ‘You need to go downtown to the El Cortez. That’s where everybody breaks in.’ So I went down there for about a few months and worked my way through.”

By 2000 he had gotten into floor management at the Monte Carlo and then received his first shot at general manager in Pahrump.

“It was the Pahrump Nugget, Gold Town and Lakeside Casino,” Jenson said. “That’s where I met CEO Blake Sartini and got with Golden Entertainment in 2006. I’ve had various different roles with them over the past 16 years and most recently I was at the Arizona Charlie’s properties.”

When the opportunity arose to take the lead role in Laughlin, Jenson was happy to join the new market, staying with Golden Entertainment.

“I just think it’s a great market,” he said. “It’s got a great feel — it’s old school. It’s different from Las Vegas. So I think it’s a destination market where we can cater to the Phoenix market, the Southern California market and these outer regions. There’s some opportunity to enhance the properties to continue to drive business from these outer markets.”

His main plan to accomplish that is by providing exceptional guest service at both properties.

“We’re working on continuing to enhance the guest experience with feedback from our team members and guests,” Jenson said. “How do we give you a better experience when you walk into our properties? How do we enhance that experience through food and beverage options, gaming and entertainment? That’s where we are looking for opportunities.”

Jenson trusts his team to know their guests best and allows them to take control in each respective area of the casino.

“I like to lead by example and empower the team to make decisions,” he said. “At the end of the day, we’re giving an entertainment experience. So how do we enhance that through the team members? And they are all great — they’ve been here a long time. They understand the business and the clientele, so I just want to empower them to do the best they can.”

He is also excited to be operating the Laughlin Event Center, the premier entertainment venue in town.

“That’s exciting,” Jenson said. “We recently had Kid Rock and Hall and Oates, so it’s fun. It’s great entertainment and we’re going to continue to build on that. We want to bring as many big names as we can to the market, because it benefits the whole community.”

The Aquarius and Edgewater properties have always been active community partners and Jenson is looking to continue that relationship.

“It’s a great community,” he said. “One thing I’ve noticed is it’s a tight community with fundraisers and events. That’s something we do want to continue doing, working with the chamber to drive these new events to town and help the community.”

The Aquarius and Edgewater recently collected more than 23,000 school supplies for local children in need during their Back-to-School Donation Drive. The two properties are currently holding the annual Feed a Family Fundraiser to provide holiday dinners to local families as well.