Charros of Rock

Harrah’s Laughlin is hosting a beach party that promises to be thrilling, humorous and keep the crowd dancing all night long with a new kind of act running the show. The Outlaw Mariachi dares to be different, mixing Latin and rock music and swirling it with their very own special touch to intrigue and excite audiences.

These “charros of rock” bring the heat by blending traditional mariachi sounds with the high-powered energy of American and Latin rock music, while integrating body-shaking grooves of Afro-Cuban elements.

Experience classic songs in a whole new way as The Outlaw Mariachi twists tunes by popular artists such as Queen, The Beatles, Guns ‘N Roses, Pink Floyd, Eagles and more.

Founding member Mavero Durán said their infectious songs have a way of getting everyone in the groove.

“We like to have fun and we don’t take ourselves too seriously and I think that transfers to the audience,” Durán said. “It’s just lighthearted and people just dance. Sometimes it takes people a few songs to get into it because they’re trying to figure out what they’re listening to, because it’s familiar music but it hits them a different way. Once they open their mind and let loose a little bit, everyone’s dancing. The majority of our music is in English — it’s classic rock from America and the UK. But we do have some songs in Spanish. There’s music for everybody. It’s just a good time.”

Durán took a risk to leave college and pursue a career in music, which has led to this new sensation.

“My father will remind me all the time about it because I actually was in med school, but I gave music a chance,” he said. “The lead singer and myself were part of a different band before this and we had some success with that band so I took a leave from school to see where that band would go and it became really successful so I never went back.”

After nearly a decade with the first band, Durán and the lead singer chose to break away and follow their own musical direction, creating The Outlaw Mariachi.

“We had some issues with the management, so we formed our own band,” Durán said. “The lead singer and I put the band together in 2019 and it took us about six months to get the guys that we wanted. Our first performance was going to be April of 2020, but that obviously didn’t happen. So we spent the pandemic practicing music and released some live streams and a podcast on YouTube, building an audience. We did catch the eye of some people and our shows are doing pretty well. So this year, 2022, was actually the first year the band has been out performing. We did a showcase in January and from that we got really busy, so we’re very happy about that, super fortunate.”

The group came on Laughlin’s radar as Harrah’s has booked them for a performance on the beach behind the casino at 7 p.m. Friday, Nov. 11.

Along with their innovative musical stylings, these musicians give the crowd a hearty dose of laughter and keep them on their feet.

“The show is very immersive,” Durán said. “We’re not just a band up there playing songs. We also have comedic elements and stories — it’s almost like a play, because it’s not just music, there’s a whole story that goes with our show.

“Right now we have a couple of originals but the majority of our set is covers, but in ways that no one has heard it before. Our previous group was about headbanging, and this group aims at getting people to dance. So we introduced more, not just mariachi elements, but also Afro-Cuban elements and more elements from norteño music and banda, because those genres of music are more geared toward dancing.”

Keep an open mind and bring a party attitude and you’re sure to have a good time, because this band of many talents will likely play something familiar, yet extraordinary.

“It’s aimed at the popular music crowd,” Durán said. “We do some classic rock, we do some broken Español, we do some metal, we even do some country, and we’ll take some traditional mariachi songs and twist it around and make it more rock oriented. We don’t stick to one genre.”

Along with Durán on trumpet, the core of the band includes five other players.

“Our lead singer is GunSkull Ricky. He’s been my partner since 2010 and we’ve developed a pretty good rapport with each other and good chemistry on stage,” Durán said. “That guy is full of energy, has a great powerful voice and he’s a funny guy on stage. Then there’s Nandoom Vee, he’s our guitarron player. That’s another guy who’s got a really great voice and sings a lot of mariachi music. Even though he’s a traditional mariachi musician, he loves rock and he’s a great showman. Then we have Belle Martele on violin and we call her ‘The Fastest Mouth in the West.’ She’s funny and super witty. Besides being a tremendous violin player and a great singer, she definitely adds on the stage to our storytelling and joke telling. We have Wild Bill on the guitar and he’s fun and can rock it out on stage with his electric guitar. Then we have Nico Stixx, who is the eye candy of the group. He’s the young pup of the band and he loves to take his shirt off. He’s a great drummer and keeps a good steady beat. He’s got a good blend of the rock style with the Latin style.”

Come out and party with the crew, as this show must be experienced firsthand. To keep up with the band’s latest happenings, visit their website at