Cracking Codes

Test your wits with an engaging and exciting indoor activity for all ages with a trip to Long Gone Escapes. Bring a friend, date or coworker and see if you can crack the codes to one of three unique escape rooms, with a fourth room coming soon.

It’s a great test for leadership and communication skills. See if you can come together with your group to escape with a victory. Take the opportunity to get out of the heat this summer and enjoy some indoor fun with friends.

No need to drive to Vegas for this entertainment option, Long Gone Escapes is located in Fort Mohave, just a quick jaunt from Laughlin, Bullhead City, Mohave Valley or Needles.

Owner Trevor Long opened his escape room in June 2021, after returning to the Tri-state from Colorado. That is where he gained an interest in the game rooms.

“It was 2016 or ‘17 that my mom came and visited us out in Colorado and said, ‘We need something to go do,’” Trevor recounted. “So we looked it up and went out and tried one and we’re like, ‘Man, that was cool.’ So we did another one and another one, and we’ve probably done somewhere around 70 rooms now. We have so much fun doing them that we wanted to give that experience to somebody.”

Long began planning for his escape rooms a few years ago after relocating to the area, preparing all the clues, finding props and building sets with his crew.

“We did all our own designs, based on rooms we’ve done, puzzle pieces we liked,” Long said. “Now when we go do rooms my kids basically do them and I’m looking at the design pieces. I’ll talk to owners at the end to get a closer look at puzzles.”

So what exactly is an escape room? It is game for two to eight people, who are locked in a room and must solve a series of clues to find the key or code to get out of the room. There is always an emergency key to exit the room, however, if someone leaves for any reason, they cannot reenter the game.

There are several different themes and a backstory to each room. Long has precisely planted riddles, props and decoys for participants to decipher, and use to escape within one hour, or else they lose the game and will be let out of the room.

Long and his crew are the “game masters,” who will be watching groups on video and can give helpful hints through a monitor in the room if they get stuck. With three or less hints, a group is eligible to make the leaderboard, if they finish with a fast enough time to beat the previous record.

The usual time is 45-50 minutes to escape a room, however plenty of groups do not make it out in time at all. The fastest time, which was recorded on the easiest level room, is 24 minutes and 39 seconds in the Swearengin Mine room. If you have never done an escape room before, this is the suggested room to start out.

“The mine is the easiest and we designed it that way on purpose,” Long said. “That’s the first one we opened. It’s a great intro room and get’s you in that mindset of how to do an escape room in there.”

In this room, players are trying to find the treasure their grandfather told them about in an abandoned mine, before it closes in on them.

The next level room is the Bank Heist. Your crew has to rob a bank and escape before the police arrive. Make sure to try out this room soon, as it will be replaced with a speakeasy room the end of September.

The most difficult room is the Quantum Time Travel Paradox. In this challenge, your group will try to reset the time line continuum that a college professor has disturbed with his time travel experiment. This room is not suggested for first time players.

Long is planning to open a fourth room by mid-August, which will be Sultan’s Haunted Treasure. He said this room will be a bit more “creepy” than his others, for those who like a little thrill.

Long also has a portable room that he brings to events. Hotel del Rio is an easy level room, which involves helping a doctor find his stolen notes to a cure for disease. Look for Long Gone Escapes at the upcoming Cornfest at Gary Keith Park in Bullhead City, Oct. 21-22.

It’s best to come with a small group of friends to maximize your success. It’s helpful to have a few different brains working on a puzzle, or splitting up tasks, yet too many people can be a crowd.

“We recommend four to six people in there,” Long said. “You could do a room by yourself if you wanted to, but it would be super difficult, so we say at least two, no more than eight, but ideally four to six people.”

All ages are welcome to play. For those 13-16, a parent must be on the premises, but do not have to be in the room with the kids. For those 12 and under, a parent must be in the room. The current three rooms are not scary, and appropriate for all ages.

The cost is $20 for adults, $15 for teens, $10 for seniors 55 and up, $5 for kids 8-12 and free for those under 8 years old. A room must be reserved online ahead of time at, to assure it is available when your party arrives.

Try out each room and collect a chip with each victory. If you don’t make it out on the first try, Long said groups can come back and do the same room for half price (full price for any new players added to the group). His crew can switch up clues to make it a slightly different experience the second time around, however your group will not be eligible to put a time up on the leaderboard.

The hours of operation are 2 p.m.-8 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday, noon-8 p.m. Friday-Sunday and closed Monday. Long Gone Escapes is located at 1524 E. Drinda Way, Suite 107 in Fort Mohave.