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Paddle Power

There are numerous coves and beaches to explore along the Colorado River, but one of the most sought-after spots is Emerald Cave, within the Black Canyon.
The shimmering emerald water is stunning in the afternoon light and therefore has become a hotspot for kayakers, boaters, and jet skiers to stop off and snap a few photos. The cave is fairly small, so to enter it, a kayak or paddleboard is your best option.

Master Chefs

The Chefs Food Fest, sponsored by the Laughlin Chamber of Commerce, is all about blowing the doors off creativity, not just taking it for a spin around the block. This is when the gloves come off, the oven mitts come on and the beautiful aroma of so many flavors mingling together converge in one tasty spot for one tasty evening.

Stayin’ Alive

The Bee Gees had the talent and good fortune to become huge rock stars in a career before and after their famous “Disco Era” image. More often than not, their contributions to the musical landscape in many forms always seemed to be overshadowed and underestimated because of it. As a family of brothers they created a huge body of work, songs that have become timeless through the years because their music was that memorable and that good.

Strike Up Some Fun

You’ll feel just like Danny and Sandy having a cherry soda at the new ’50s-themed diner in the Laughlin River Lodge, located downstairs, across from La Villita and Red Dragon. Along with the diner, the new space includes a 10-lane bowling alley, kids play zone, PC and video game room, and private party rooms.