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World of Wonder

Rick Thomas is no flash in the pan. He might be flashy and incorporate all kinds of shiny things in his “grand illusions,” but Thomas is a polished performer with so much more than a little magic up his sleeves.
His show is an innovative, magical theatrical futuristic-steampunkish spectacle combining creativity, drama, comedy, and dance, with the forever, reoccurring theme, “nothing happens until you dream.”

Surfer Soul

The Beach Boys are synonymous with the whole laid-back easy-going, “life is a beach” philosophy going back to the ’60s. It doesn’t matter if the guys haven’t been “boys” for a while, the exuberance in their music still brings joy to everyone who listens.
Play one of their many hit songs, and summer just seems to last forever. Thoughts immediately come to mind of beach parties with impromptu jam sessions ending the day of sun and surf around a campfire.

Becoming the Beatles

You have to wonder why four guys from Southern California would put together yet another Beatles tribute show when there are already so many out there. With California being a melting pot for so many different kinds of music, why not go a different route? With this particular group, Britain’s Finest — The Beatles Experience, it all boils down to the belief in what they’re doing and finding a different twist to this notorious four-piece from across the pond. Besides, they are having a ball playing this music.

Swing & Sway

Next date night glide around the dance floor with confidence after taking lessons from Tom and Sharon Craddock at the Riverside Resort. The lost art of ballroom dance comes alive with a lesson in every style imaginable from a couple who has a combined 50 years of dance experience.
The Craddocks share their passion and skill teaching weekly lessons and hosting dance parties at the Riverside. The couple is certified in American and international dance styles, making their lessons a hot commodity.