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Lifelong Idol

Paul Anka learned a long time ago that if he was going to survive the volatile music business, he would have to have a longer shelf life than that of a teen idol with hit records. Youth, like hit songs, is but a moment in time. The teenaged, singer-songwriter knew from the beginning that getting attention wasn’t as important as keeping the momentum going long after the throngs of screaming girls went home. He knew he would have to roll with the flow, expand his musical horizons and continually challenge himself if he was to remain in this grueling industry.

The Boys are Back in Town

The Oak Ridge Boys have always been about reinventing themselves to keep up with the times, while still respecting their history and those tight harmonies that put them in the spotlight in the first place. Along the way, the “Boys” have earned respect for their longevity, their work ethic and a body of work that continues to sustain a career that dates back to the ’60s.

The Gift of Gab

Long before political correctness was a “thing,” comedians Bruce Williams and Terry Ree crossed the line on a regular basis. In fact, they stomped all over it. But they didn’t necessarily take sides — they took aim at everybody. If you were in the public eye and you were caught doing something stupid, your actions were fair game. Williams & Ree not only made fun of you and earned laughs at your expense, they might even have written one of their saucy little ditties about your situation — and their audiences would be laughing their butts off.

Casino Cookbook: The Range

If you need a recipe to wow guests at your next dinner party, we have four straight from the kitchen at The Range Steakhouse within Harrah’s.
The Range Sous Chef Erik Martinez showed us the entire process to cooking tomato caprese, seared scallops, salmon, and filet mignon with king crab legs. That’s two appetizers and two entrees complete with sides!