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Rebel Soul

Kid Rock, by his very definition, isn’t one for lurking in the shadows or taking a backseat to the world around him. He is front and center, loud, irreverent, opinionated, controversial, he’s about action and getting things done. Yet he is a listener with a big heart — who, more often than not, puts others’ needs before his own. He doesn’t apologize or make excuses for any of it. The whole point of his existence is to be different.

Uniting the Nation

It’s hard to believe Lee Greenwood just celebrated his 75th birthday. Where does the time go? Ever since the unassuming country music icon began his career 35 some years ago, he has probably united this country more than just about anybody else, politicians included, with one song — “God Bless the U.S.A.”

Cosmic Creatures

We are not alone.
That is the message the upcoming Time For Truth, UFOs: Living La Vida Loca symposium will be conveying during their three-day event Friday-Sunday, Nov. 10-12 at the Aquarius Casino Resort.

The Man in Black

Keith Furry never imagined he’d have a whole new career this late in life. The 66-year-old warehouse owner from Mattoon, Illinois was helping an Elvis tribute artist out with his fledgling career and the next thing he knew he was front and center of his own tribute show, performing the music of Johnny Cash in a show he calls “Walkin’ with Cash.”