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Timeless Talent

If there are words to describe music icons, Three Dog Night, some of those words would have to include eclectic, brilliant, and just darn lucky.
Seriously. How many bands can say their hit catalogue includes songs, with rhyme but no reason, song about bullfrogs named Jeremiah, advice from Mama, numbers, power ballads, love songs and songs from musicals in no particular order?

Stayin’ Alive

People often forget the Bee Gees had the talent and good fortune to become huge rock stars in a career before and after their famous “Disco Era” image. More often than not, their contributions to the musical landscape in many forms always seemed to be overshadowed and underestimated because of it. As a family of brothers they created a huge body of work, songs that have become timeless through the years because their music was that memorable and that good.

Saved by Santana

Mike Torres’ life is all about connecting the dots, finding his purpose, finding the common denominator in every human, and building his musical career around all of it. He is well aware of struggles — everyone has to get through this crazy thing called life and music is not only his therapy, but he loves reaching people to make someone else’s day a little better.

King of the Keys

Not every lounge act includes the audience as part of the performance, but the crowd runs the show at the Avi when the dueling pianos come to town.
“It’s the people’s show, not ours. We’re just puppets,” said Dennis West, one of the two pianists in the act.
West and fellow performer Michael Browning both play piano bars in Las Vegas, but have made monthly trips to Laughlin since April to treat guests at the ArrowWeed lounge with their unique entertainment.