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Father’s Day Dining


Mother’s Day became an official nationally recognized day of honor in 1914. Father’s Day got its cap and gown and was signed into officialdom in 1972. It seems dads were a bunch of Rodney Dangerfields, who for more than half a century “couldn’t get no respect”.
Well, fathers have been getting a lot of ties and BBQ forks over the last 40 years to make up for it.
Actually, the delay in giving fathers their day is more than likely due to the fact the politicians of the early part of the last century were almost exclusively men—and fathers—and they just felt silly setting aside a day that said, “aren’t we great.”

Chefs Food Fest


The Chefs’ Food Fest, sponsored by the Laughlin Chamber of Commerce, is one of the most anticipated events on the Laughlin calendar—a virtual feast for both the eyes and the palate. Without any particular overall event theme, the gloves are always off when it comes to food and its presentation.
Quickly approaching, this year’s 30th Annual Chefs Food Fest takes place on Thurs, June 8 (5:30 p.m.) in the Aquarius Pavilion within the Aquarius Casino Resort.

A Look at Land Tours


When people first think of Laughlin, they automatically think casinos, tournaments, gambling and all-you-can-eat buffets. But when visitors arrive, they can see there is so much more to the area than that. Sure, the Colorado River is also a big draw, and walking trails are near enough, but beyond that, there is much more to see and experience. If those visitors want to see all the surrounding area has to offer in the way of rugged beauty, wildlife and fresh desert air, that’s where companies like Laughlin Tours, Desert Country Cruising Tours, and Rocky River Adventure Center come in handy.

John Kay & Steppenwolf


Rock and roll has never been about stability. It’s been a free-form art-form since the very beginning, and many a player has come on the scene to make the music their own, to leave their mark and write their own success story. Some were particularly good at it—and many more bands never made it any further than their garage.
Music is a volatile business and a cruel mistress at best, and if a band can not only survive, but carve out their own place in that chaotic world, especially during a time when music and the world were spinning out of control socially and politically, they have definitely earned “legendary” status. We’re talking about John Kay & Steppenwolf.