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Country’s Finest

Brad Paisley knows his way around beautifully poignant songs like “He Didn’t Have to Be,” and “Whiskey Lullaby,” but he also likes those songs about fishing and having fun, country style.

Fly Like an Eagle

The Eagles did more than simply blend a sound and style with heavy harmonies wrapped around skillful instrumentation — they created musical magic. While they were turning a lot of heads at a time that was ripe for musical changes, they built a mood, and mountain of hit songs that have stood the test of time.
They also created the best selling album in U.S. history with Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975) release. When the guys sang about “Lyin’ Eyes” and that “Peaceful Easy Feeling,” they struck all the right chords with fans — literally and figuratively.

Cowboy Movement

Urban Cowboy was one of those rare films where every facet of the project clicked and it became a box office smash. From the actors to the soundtrack, to the hottest Houston nightspot as a backdrop and the mechanical bull that sparked challenge and controversy, suddenly Americans everywhere were indulging their inner cowboy.

Brawn & Beauty

The sound of a healthy V8 is music to the ears of a serious classic car collector. Aromas of oil, gas and rubber ignite passions and stir images of drag racing while lustrous paint jobs and polished chrome fill these collectors with pride and joy.