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Summer Refresh

The desert life can be rough on skin and finding a regimen to renew moisture can be a challenge. Luckily, a local spa offers a variety of body treatments to replenish the skin with the nutrients that dry desert air and sun exposure suck from the body.

Sip & Support

FIESTA Margarita is the one hot event people on both sides of the river and visitors look forward to each and every July. It’s also one of the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Colorado River’s biggest fundraisers.

Roulette 101

Roulette is a popular game across the world, stemming from Frenchman Blaise Pascal’s creation of the “little wheel” in the 1600s. His pursuit to engineer a perpetual motion machine led to the roulette wheel that is found on casino floors today.

Big Screen is Back

Laughlin guests can get back to the big screen to catch a flick with friends at Riverside Cinema within the Riverside Resort, opening this Friday, June 26.
The cinema is debuting a new cool and comfortable atmosphere with luxurious seating and upgrades for movie-goers.