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Meet the Manager — Manny Sabori

The Avi Resort & Casino has it all — gaming, dining, kids activities, a pool, beach and movie theater. All of these outlets are opportunities for Marketing Director Manny Sabori to promote the “ultimate fun” found at the property.

Old Time Rock

Long before dipping their toes in the world of tributes, most bands were doing their own thing performing their own material or covers of classic rock or country, and life was good. They were happy as weekend warriors, showing people a good time with good music. Then by some twist of fate, an impromptu song or set takes on a life of its own, and sparks the crowd in ways the band never would have guessed. The idea of “what if” takes root, the band takes a chance and the tribute takes flight, taking these seasoned musicians on one hell of a ride.
That’s what happened with Turn The Page.

Tremendous Talent

Veteran 14-piece bands are a rare breed. Not only is it difficult to find work at all, making money isn’t usually part of the deal and longevity — forget about it. But the Lon Bronson Band has found a way to conquer the odds over and over again.
For these guys, it’s about getting together for the simple pleasure of playing music they love, and they call it “industrial strength R&B, rock, soul and funk.”

Meat of the Matter

Swine not” head over to the 9th annual “Porkin’ on the River” barbecue competition at the Laughlin River Lodge?
The only motivation most people need is that heady aroma of hickory or mesquite wood smoke winding its way through the Colorado River valley enticing them to follow their noses to the Scott Hayes, a.k.a. “Smokey Hayes “Porkin’ on the River,” on Saturday, March 7, the 9th annual BBQ competition featuring 25 teams of pro cookers doing ribs to butts this year.