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Triple Threat

LeAnn Rimes has never been afraid to take a risk. Her long-time successful career, beginning at the age of 13, filled with hit records, awards, including two Grammys, and millions in record sales is proof of it.
With every new project and album release her voice gets stronger —physically and metaphorically. She seems to dig deeper, explore her complexities further and break boundaries both real and imagined, growing as both an artist and a performer.

River Rage

Off-road racing has always been a part of the Laughlin scene.
Drivers of heavy-duty racing trucks and buggies like the challenge of negotiating hairpin turns and switch-backs over a rugged desert course. The sport calls to them, daring racers to take their skills to the next level — which is why the 2018 McKenzie’s Rage at the River’s season finale is a popular event. Talk about saving the best for last.

Diverse Dancers

Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker” is a holiday tradition in Laughlin many look forward to each and every year.
This holiday tradition allows people to experience live art, with the classic tale told through dance. It makes appearances in theaters across the country, often in venues not given to ballet.

Chemistry & Charisma

Frank Sinatra didn’t really care for the “Rat Pack’ reference, but the name was of no import. It was all about a bunch of “palies” getting together to have a little fun, play a little music, tell a few irreverent jokes, and well, fans just happened to be there for the experience of a lifetime.
Their shows were unplanned and impromptu. There was no script to speak of, no set list. Sinatra might be playing one side of Vegas while Dean Martin was on another, and Sammy Davis Jr., more than likely, was somewhere in the middle.