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Canyons Collide

Las Vegas is more than bright city lights and gaming. Just beyond the strip, the natural desert landscape calls visitors to a different type of recreation. Millions of people visit Red Rock Canyon every year to enjoy the scenic drive, hiking, biking or camping, beside sandstone hills and cactus plants.

Rustic Charm

There is boundless allure in the image of the Old West — gunfights, saloons, striking gold and pioneering a new life. Visitors trek for miles to get a taste of this bygone era, which has been preserved throughout the Southwest. Chloride, Arizona, appeals to travelers as the oldest continuously-inhabited mining town in the state.

A Bit of Britain

One of the most notable features of Lake Havasu City is without a doubt the London Bridge, which crosses over the Bridgewater Channel.
The city’s founder, Robert McCulloch, purchased the bridge from the City of London in April 1968 for $2.4 million. The bridge had previously crossed the River Thames but was slowly sinking and therefore needed to be replaced.

Happy Camper

RV living has many perks, including a simple and flexible lifestyle. You can travel the country and enjoy the scenery, making stops as often as you’d like. The freedom to choose your own route while driving in the comfort of your own home appeals to many a traveler.