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The Beach Boys

More than 55 years ago, in 1961, Mike Love and his cousins Brian Wilson, Carl Wilson and Dennis Wilson, along with family friend Al Jardine, formed a “garage band” with a difference. They practiced covers of the day and classic songs, much like any other such band of boys, but thanks to the weirdly wired Brian Wilson and creative juices of Mike Love, they came up with their own songs and a sound unlike anything anyone had ever heard—upbeat, yet intricately arranged songs— about the simple life of girls, cars and fun, wrapped in their Southern California penchant for the beach and surfing.

Collin Raye

Anyone who is familiar with Collin Raye’s music knows there is so much more to him than country hit records. He has the kind of voice that can do justice to just about any song he chooses to sing. He regularly steps out of that comfort zone and performs a variety of musical projects in addition to the variety he includes in his live performances. The beauty of his shows lies in the simplicity, letting the words, music and his voice blend together rather than compete.

Casino Cookbook: Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

When a restaurant’s existence stems from a movie, it stands to reason the place will reflect fun, southern hospitality, whimsy, and a “not particularly serious” casual atmosphere—especially if that movie is Forrest Gump. The food, however, is taken very seriously.

CBR Colorado River Chute Out

Why would anyone climb aboard 2,000 pounds of pissed off animal knowing anything could happen and not always in a good way? Ask any bull rider that question and they will tell you it’s all about the challenge and feeding a passion words just can’t explain.
Country music’s Chris LeDoux was right. It’s a natural high, an addiction, a lust for adrenaline that only that 8-second ride can satisfy.