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Talking Tricks

Grown men playing with dolls. When you read it like that, it comes off a bit creepy. But when you attach names like Jeff Dunham and Terry Fator to the picture you’d be surprised at the number of people lining up to watch grown men playing with dolls.
Ventriloquists have become the hottest tickets in the entertainment industry these days, which surprises these guys probably more than anyone. It’s a testament to the creativity of ventriloquists and the lengths these artists will go to get people to connect with characters that spend most of their time in a trunk.

Livin’ on the Edge

Where does the time go? It doesn’t seem that long ago Harrah’s Laughlin launched its Summer Beach Party Concert Series with a full roster of tribute bands performing a variety of classic and popular music from some of America’s favorite groups. And now as the summer is winding down, the series comes to a close on Saturday, Aug. 10, when Aeromyth takes the stage to recreate the music of “America’s Greatest Rock Band,” Aerosmith.

Takin’ It Easy

Bringing to life the best selling album in music history, the Eagles – Their Greatest Hits Vol. 1 as a tribute, a group either has to go big or go home, get it right or don’t do it at all. The Eagles’ music is timeless, diverse, part of the landscape and part of the air many Americans breathe. It’s been that way for a couple of generations now. Their music has earned respect and nothing less than an honest recreation of the songs will do.

Below the Surface

It’s true, you can get your kicks on Route 66, because some pretty cool attractions still lie along the old route. On the longest unbroken original stretch of the Mother Road, you will find the Grand Canyon Caverns in Peach Springs, Arizona.
These are the largest dry caverns in the U.S., meaning you won’t find bugs, bats, or any other signs of life, other than the tourists, because there is absolutely no moisture in the caverns. This is very unique, as 97 percent of the world’s caverns are wet, with water seeping in.