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Dad’s Day Dining

Mother’s Day became an official nationally recognized day of honor in 1914. Father’s Day got its cap and gown and was signed into officialdom in 1972. It seems dads were a bunch of Rodney Dangerfields, who for more than half a century “couldn’t get no respect”.
Well, fathers have been getting a lot of ties and BBQ forks over the last 40 years to make up for it.

Still Spinnin’

If you haven’t been to a Spinners concert in a while, it’s probably about time that you did. These guys don’t just move to the choreographed steps and sing hit after nostalgic hit. They are first and foremost entertainers, giving the music a vitality and energy, continually breathing fresh life into their timeless hits.

Queen for the Night

The art of the female impersonator is one of those genres that continues to survive years of changes and fads on the Las Vegas Strip, despite their classic shtick — the often over-the-top renditions of some of the most iconic celebrities like Cher and Bette Midler and the vintage ladies, Liza Minnelli and Judy Garland. From padded shoulders and hair sprayed to the heavens, these talented impersonators recreate those bigger than life personalities for the stage and do it well — that is part and parcel to iconic shows like “An Evening at La Cage.”

Nonstop Antics

It almost borders on the ridiculous when fictional characters are thought of as real people. But then the whole Blues Brothers thing is something of an anomaly. These guys were created for a skit for the “Saturday Night Live” late-night TV show audience yet somehow they morphed into something unexpectedly bigger. The Blues Brothers, “Jake” and “Elwood,” performed by John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, took on lives of their own. The songs from their skits like ‘Soul Man’ were recorded on albums, which culminated in Jake and Elwood coming to the big screen starring in their own movies. That all started in 1976.