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Hot Roads & Harleys


The sound of a healthy V8 is music to the ears of a serious classic car collector. Aromas of oil, gas and rubber ignites passions and stirs images of drag racing while lustrous paint jobs and polished chrome fill these collectors with pride and joy.
All of these senses are heightened at the 18th Annual “Hot Rods & Harleys 2017 Spring Run,” hosted by the River Cruizers Car Club. Everyone is invited to come out and partake of their three-day event at the Avi Resort & Casino, Thurs-Sun, April 20-23.

Comedy on the Edge featuring John Tole


John Tole is an international touring performer, writer and broadcaster. This now L.A. based comic weaves tales of self discovery, positive life choices, and seeing the silver lining in every life experience. Audiences love his ADHD, OCD, take-no-prisoners style and while he may tip toe to the line of edgy he consistently finds the pocket and keeps the audience not only laughing but on the edge of their seats.
Tole is that best friend entertaining your buddies or the relatives in your backyard during a cookout and he takes that same energy and attention wherever he performs to give each show and audience a one of a kind feel.

RZR UTV World Championship


If any event is proof the show must go on, it’s the Polaris RZR UTV World Championship headed to Laughlin for the third year in a row. As part of the Best in the Desert Racing Association series and regarded as one of the biggest sanctioning bodies in off-road racing in the country, the UTV World Championship continues on to honor the memory of founder Casey Folks who passed away in January of this year. He was 72.

Blues & Brews


Back in the late ’90s, the management of the Colorado Belle hosted a series of blues jam sessions in what was then the Showboat Loungeā€”a huge staging area where the current Pints brew pub sits. One of the jammers at one of those sessions was John Earl Williams and his band out of Las Vegas. Williams’ music piqued the interest of the Belle’s management, and when they found out he hosted blues events in Vegas, the thinking soon went, “why not get him to help host a blues festival in Laughlin on a regular basis?” Thus the “Blues & Brews” festival was born.