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Back in the Groove

When you think of Rod Stewart, the first things that come to mind are the crazy hair, the sexy outfits, and that one-of-a-kind raspy voice that can make the ladies swoon.
But the one thing that really stands out about that raspy voice is it surprisingly can sing just about anything, lending itself to any genre. A voice like that has the ability to dig deep, to hold onto a lyric and touch the soul.

Spanning Styles

Nothin’s worryin’ me,” isn’t just a lyric in a BJ Thomas song, it could very well be the veteran performer’s philosophy in life.
Nothing seems to get to him, he’s a pretty laid-back guy, comfortable with who he is and all that he has been blessed with in life and love.
He’s not about rushing anything, letting the words and music lead the way, as he follows along, and having a ball throughout the whole process.

Speed Seekers

There is a large segment of the population who has a need for speed, loving anything that goes fast — really, really fast — and constantly seeking places to find toys that can accommodate that need.
Well, for those who share that addiction to anything with an engine, make it a priority to be at Horsepower Fest, presented by, at the Avi Resort & Casino on Saturday, Oct. 20.

Playing with Fire

With the sparkling water and soft cool breeze wafting through the palm trees around the Tropicana Laughlin pool area, it’s easy to imagine being in a tropical island setting. So it makes perfect sense to transform the space into an escape to the islands experience when the resort presents the 4th annual Tropicana Luau on Thursday, Oct. 18 (6 p.m.).